2019 High School Rankings

HSC and ATAR results are released on the 9th of December! Check back then to see how your school stacked up in 2019!

Read this guide to see how Sydney’s Schools performed in relation to each other. The 2019 High School Rankings are derived from the NESA data that is publicly available. Our rankings include a complete list of schools and results based on their HSC performance.


We have included the rankings from 2017 and 2018 to provide an overview of each school’s performance history.


What’s in this 2019 High School Rankings guide?

In this 2019 High School rankings article, we provide you with an easy to understand analysis of the top 150 schools based on their performance. We have broken the data down into :



Breakdown of the 150 NSW schools

The pie chart provided below shows the distribution of the top 150 schools by their type – government non-selective, government selective, and independent.

a pie chart showing the breakdown of school types in the top 150 schools. Percentages are listed below

Key insights from the 2019 data:

  • 11% of the schools in the top 150 rankings are government non-selective schools
  • 17% of the schools in the top 150 rankings are government selective schools
  • 72% of the schools in the top 150 rankings are independent schools

We will include the rankings from 2017 and 2018 to provide an overview of each school’s performance history.


In the 2019 High School rankings article, we will provide you with an easy to understand analysis of the top 150 schools based on their performance.

Top 10 Schools by Type

A list of the top 10 performing schools from each of the above categories are tabulated below.

Top 10 Government/Selective Schools in 2019

 NoOverall RankingTop 10 Government/Selective Schools2019 Success Rate
11 James Ruse Agricultural High School (Carlingford) 72.79%
22 Conservatorium High School (Sydney)69.12%
33North Sydney Boys High School (Crows Nest)62.70%
45Hornsby Girls High School56.88%
56Sydney Girls High School (Surry Hills)56.44%
67North Sydney Girls High School (Crows Nest)54.70%
79Baulkham Hills High School53.21%
810Sydney Boys High School (Moore Park)51.45%
911Normanhurst Boys High School50.19%
1013Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Campus43.47%

Top 10 Government/Non-Selective Schools in 2019

NoOverall RankingTop 10 Government/Non-Selective Schools2019 Success Rate
167Willoughby Girls High School 21.61%
270Northern Beaches Secondary College Balgowlah Boys Campus 20.98%
379Killarney Heights High School 19.02%
480Cheltenham Girls High School (Cheltenham) 19.01%
583Parramatta Marist High School (Westmead) 18.71%
686St Ives High School 18.30%
788Cherrybrook Technology High School 17.85%
889Castle Hill High School 17.58%
990Killara High School 17.49%
1091NBSC Mackellar Girls School 17.42%

Top 10 Independent Schools in 2018

NoOverall RankingTop 10 Independent Schools2018 Success Rates
14 Sydney Grammar School (Darlinghurst)61.29%
28 Reddam House (Woollahra)53.23%
312 Abbotsleigh (Wahroonga)45.60%
414 Meriden School (Strathfield)42.84%
515 Kambala (Rose Bay)42.76%
616 SCEGGS Darlinghurst40.79%
717 St Catherine’s School (Waverley)40.20%
818 Loreto Kirribilli39.39%
920 Presbyterian Ladies’ College Sydney (Croydon)38.70%
1022 Knox Grammar School (Wahroonga)38.18%



Most improved schools in 2019

The graph below shows a selection of the most improved schools in the 2019 high school rankings


Top 150 Schools by Success Rate in 2019

If you would like an explanation of how this data is organised and how to use it, please read the Overview to the Beginner’s Guide to High School Rankings.

How to Read the HSC Rankings:


  • High Scores: the number of Band 6 scores.
  • Total HSC exams sat: the number of merit list course completions.
  • 2019 Success Rate: the high scores expressed as a percentage of entries, rounded to two decimal places.

The top 150 schools by their success rate are shown in the table below:



School2019 Ranking2018 Ranking2017 Ranking2019 Success RateHigh Scores2019 Total HSC
Exams Sat
 James Ruse Agricultural High School (Carlingford)111 72.79%717 985
 Conservatorium High School (Sydney)2Not in top 150Not in top 15069.12%150217
 North Sydney Boys High School (Crows Nest)32362.70%612976
 Sydney Grammar School (Darlinghurst)43661.29%7141165
 Hornsby Girls High School58756.88%397698
Sydney Girls High School (Surry Hills)641456.44%561994
North Sydney Girls High School (Crows Nest)76854.70%506925
Reddam House (Woollahra)891753.23%297558
Baulkham Hills High School95253.21%6471216
Sydney Boys High School (Moore Park)107551.45%6401244
Normanhurst Boys High School11161350.19%391779
Abbotsleigh (Wahroonga)12111445.60%420921
Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Campus13101043.47%343789
Meriden School (Strathfield)14122342.84%338789
Kambala (Rose Bay)15141842.76%192449
SCEGGS Darlinghurst16251640.79%270662
St Catherine’s School (Waverley)17285740.20%240597
Loreto Kirribilli18393039.39%312792
Fort Street High School (Petersham)19151238.79%341879
Presbyterian Ladies’ College Sydney (Croydon)20172138.70%310801
Girraween High School21202238.36%313816
Knox Grammar School (Wahroonga)22231938.18%7201886
Al-Faisal College23265437.52%212565
Ascham School (Edgecliff)2418937.04%233629
Wenona School (North Sydney)25133336.63%237647
Hurlstone Agricultural High School (Glenfield)26314435.48%298840
Loreto Normanhurst27463034.26%309902
St Luke’s Grammar School (Dee Why)28345634.20%198579
Pymble Ladies’ College29212033.81%5181532
Cranbrook School (Bellevue Hill)30334132.29%288892
Queenwood School for Girls (Mosman)31293732.25%129400
St George Girls High School (Kogarah)32192432.00%305953
Al Noori Muslim School33424531.65%119376
Danebank – An Anglican School For Girls (Hurstville)34605931.13%165530
Masada College (St Ives)35524930.85%91295
Kincoppal – Rose Bay School of the Sacred Heart36442830.70%179583
SHORE – Sydney Church of England Grammar School (North Sydney)37223430.49%3401115
Moriah College (Queens Park)38321530.44%221726
Smiths Hill High School (Wollongong)39498029.86%212710
Sydney Technical High School (Bexley)40242929.71%260875
Emanuel School (Randwick)41454329.67%124418
St Aloysius’ College (Kirribilli)42373629.66%272917
Tara Anglican School for Girls (North Parramatta)43487529.63%120405
Roseville College44362529.53%176596
Penrith High School45272729.35%270920
Frensham School (Mittagong)46554829.34%103351
Santa Sabina College (Strathfield)47304729.11%184632
Caringbah High School48403929.10%254873
Merewether High School (Broadmeadow)49593828.79%3131087
Brigidine College St Ives50575228.01%214764
Oxley College (Burradoo)51858227.3% 107392
Gosford High School52585027.3% 263977
Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College (North Sydney)53476726.92%263977
Ravenswood School for Girls (Gordon)54544026.85%163607
Newcastle Grammar School55358526.83%121451
Barker College (Hornsby)56515126.65%5171940
Macarthur Anglican School (Cobbitty)577211425.82%94364
St Ignatius’ College (Lane Cove)58614625.46%3461359
St Vincent’s College (Potts Point)591309925.45%157617
International Grammar School (Ultimo)601017224.24%134555
The Scots College (Bellevue Hill)61537423.762581086
The King’s School (North Parramatta)62413223.28%2331001
MLC School (Burwood)63433123.19%96414
Brigidine College Randwick641077023.11%153662
Chatswood High School65766622.34%2641182
St Ursula’s College (Kingsgrove)66849721.61%201930
Willoughby Girls High School67506121.61%191884
Alpha Omega Senior College (Auburn)68383521.52%102474
St Mark’s Coptic Orthodox College697816720.98%81386
Northern Beaches Secondary College Balgowlah Boys Campus7062 98 20.98% 60286
 St Patrick’s College (Strathfield)71939620.56%2131036
Bethany College72958920.02%169 844
The McDonald College73224 Out of 15020.00% 34170
Mount St Benedict College (Pennant Hills)74678119.59%153781
Sefton High School75735519.34% 175 905
St Andrew’s Cathedral School76138105 19.21% 116604
Stella Maris College77151 Out of 150 19.16% 127 663
St Augustine’s College Sydney786563 19.04%170893
Killarney Heights High School7987191 19.02% 117615
Cheltenham Girls High School (Cheltenham)8063 53 19.01%2071089
PLC Armidale81Out of 150148 18.75%39208
St Mary’s Cathedral College (Sydney)829011818.71%99529
Parramatta Marist High School (Westmead)83646018.71%148791
The Hills Grammar School849110018.43%80434
Pittwater House Schools85197 Out of 15018.36%76414
 St Ives High School86 11320418.30%123672
 Marist College Kogarah87 1277118.14%111612
 Cherrybrook Technology High School88 816817.85%2921636
 Castle Hill High School89 839117.58%2111200
 Killara High School90 687817.49%2511435
 NBSC Mackellar Girls School91998417.42%135 775
 Oxford Falls Grammar School9210310117.04% 68399
 Pacific Hills Christian School93203 Out of 15017.00%102 600
 St Euphemia College94176 Out of 15016.86%43 255
 St Clare’s College (Waverly)957716716.85%61362
 Strathfield Girls High School968610716.84%149885
 St Spyridon College (Kingsford)977110916.80%64381
William Clarke College9812818816.67%147882
Mercy Catholic College (Chatswood)9914012416.60%82494
Central Coast Grammar School100568316.56%100604
 St Pius X College1019418116.39%130793
 Freeman Catholic College102966516.37%1931179
Tangara School for Girls (Cherrybrook)103922616.30%30184
Mount St Patrick College104Out of 15013616.19%79488
Amity College, Prestons 10512512716.15%109675
Arden Anglican School1061426215.85%65410
Newtown Performance Art School107665815.75%137870
St Joseph’s College (Hunters Hill)108797715.57%1561002
Shire Christian School109Out of 150 9415.38% 50325
Mosman High School110171 Out of 15015.38% 149969
Burwood Girls High School111 1269315.29%1681099
Canberra Grammar School (Red Hill)11213611615.21%85559
Northholm Grammar School113Out of 15087 14.83%31209
St Columba Anglican School11413710314.79%67453
Northern Beaches Secondary College Freshwater Senior Campus11512320114.79%2271535
St George Christian School (Hurstville)11611813414.79% 56379
Epping Boys High School (Marsfield)117898614.72%139944
Hunter Valley Grammar School (Ashtonfield)1187015814.58%84576
St Patrick’s Marist College1188814014.58%105720
Malek Fahd Islamic School120976914.38% 85591
Marist College Eastwood12110817214.16% 65459
IPEKA Integrated Christian School1227413714.11%47333
Thomas Hassall Anglican College123Out of 150Out of 15014.10%86610
Carlingford High School124697914.09%134951
Marist Catholic College Penshurst125Out of 150Out of 15013.96%49951
Trinity Grammar School12611111113.94%80351
Covenant Christian School127Out of 150Out of 15013.80%61442
Tempe High School128114Out of 15013.79%100725
Waverley College12913415513.66%109798
Marist Sisters’ College Woolwich13010611113.54%117864
Hunter School of Performing Arts13114414713.51%100740
Clancy Catholic College132Out of 15010613.15%117890
Mount Annan Christian College133 Out of 150 Out of 15013.07%20153
Trinity Anglican College – Albury134226Out of 15012.89%37289
St Scholastica’s College Glebe Point13511510412.79%115899
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College1368223512.67%84663
Catherine McAuley Westmead13712115112.67%1331050
St Charbel’s College13814316212.58%59469
Parramatta High School139Out of 15011212.40%90726
Kinross Wolaroi School14011613012.3391738
Turramurra High School14114713212.19%108886
Australian International School Malaysia14210227512.12%28231
Green Valley Islamic College143 248Out of 15012.08%25207
MacKillop College Port Macquarie144Out of 15013911.82%82694
St Patrick’s College Sutherland1451319611.62%112864
Cerdon College146Out of 15012011.59%102880
Marcellin College14712914211.57%76657
Gilroy Catholic College148Out of 150 Out of 150 11.24%105 934
Xavier Catholic College Ballina149Out of 150 Out of 150 11.22% 77 686
Northern Beaches Christian School150 192 Out of 15011.15%69619

Please note, these tables and charts are made using publicly available data.

Also available is the 2018 High School Rankings.


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