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Save time with tried and tested HSC Biology Exam resources

Focus on what’s important and relevant for the HSC exam. Matrix HSC Biology exam resources cover all the must-know content and exam questions for the four modules.

  • year 12 biology tutoring theory book sneak peak
  • year 12 biology tutoring resource
  • year 12 biology tutoring resource
  • year 12 biology tutoring resource

HSC Biology Exam Preparation Course Details


Over 6 lessons, you'll cover:

What's included

  • Experienced HSC Teachers

    Vast HSC teaching experience with insights into exam techniques and an ability to explain concepts clearly.

  • 6-day Intensive Course

    Intensive 3 hour lessons where you will cover the HSC syllabus thoroughly.

  • Comprehensive Exam Books

    A complete set of resources tailored for HSC exam success.

  • Practice Questions

    The course includes a variety of past HSC and HSC exam-style questions with solutions.

  • Mock Exams

    Access to a full Mock HSC Trial Biology exam. Detailed solutions will be provided online.

  • Additional Tools

    Sample answers and flow charts for structuring extended responses.


UTS Building 11

8 July - 13 July
9:30AM - 12:30PM

Meet our HSC Biology teachers.
Experts with real teaching experience.

Mr Radmehr Shirzady
Dr Natalie Soars
BSc(Hons) PhD

HSC Biology Exam Pricing

  • on-campus
    During the holidays

    Holiday course

    6 lessons over one week


    per course

    • Taught by experienced Matrix teachers
    • 6-day intensive 3 hour revision lessons
    • New edition HSC Theory Book
    • Receive exam-style questions and sample responses
    • Mock HSC Exams with detailed solutions

What our
Year 12 HSC Trial Prep students say

  • The Matrix Prep Course helped me to gain a greater understanding of the modules and what aspects I should particularly focus on when revising. This allowed me to efficiently study and feel more comfortable when sitting my exams.

    Ngan N.
    Ngan N.

    Prairiewood High School

  • I greatly enjoyed the Year 12 Chemistry Trial Prep course, as I was exposed to a wider range of question types and my teacher was extremely knowledgeable. The tips and tricks I received helped me to refine my exam technique and identify common HSC question types.

    Hannah Wang
    Hannah Wang

    Tara Anglican School for Girls

  • Enrolling into the HSC Exam Prep Course was the best thing that I did. It was really intense but I felt all aspects of the syllabus were reviewed thoroughly with emphasis on exam techniques in just one week.

    Jacky He
    Jacky He

    Marist College Penshurst

  • The Matrix English Advanced course proved immensely useful in clarifying ambiguous aspects of the curriculum and enabled me to develop strong arguments and reasoning aligned with the unit’s focus. The examination of exemplary responses and crafting our own writing improved my abilities significantly.

    Jake Murray
    Jake Murray

    Northern Beaches Christian School

  • Before my exams, I had no idea where to start, what to study, or what to revise. Matrix Exam Prep Course was the perfect solution. It provided a full rundown of all the core topics and concepts assessed!

    Jay Sanghvi
    Jay Sanghvi

    Cherrybrook Technology High School

  • Maths Ext 2 is a difficult topic, however, this course was able to explain everything with ease. The workbook also had some very creative questions that reflect the difficulty of HSC papers. This gave me ton of exposure and helped me remain comfortable in the actual exam.

    Justin Kim
    Justin Kim

    Knox Grammar School

  • The HSC Prep Course was highly intensive and the feedback I received was invaluable. During the short course, I was able to revise each module in great detail and gained new insights through discussion and collaboration with other students from different schools.

    Sherryn Hu
    Sherryn Hu

    North Sydney Girls High School

  • I’ve improved in my exam performance, and I can confidently attribute this to the Matrix Exam Prep Course. I found that doing the questions, categorised, and with the proper theory, to be much more helpful and motivating than looking at a mountain of past exam papers.

    Alan Wong
    Alan Wong

    Sydney Boys High School

  • From the Matrix Maths Extension 2 course I learned how to critically interpret a mathematics question, devise a mental strategy to tackle it, and present my solution in a manner that was logical and sequential, with diagrams to complement it.

    Chloe Beydoun
    Chloe Beydoun

    Sydney Girls High School

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