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Frequently asked questions

Visit our Online Enrolment page to start your enrolment process. You’ll required to provide student details, class preferences and parent contact details. Payment details will only be required when a space is available in your preferred class.

Our teachers are knowledgeable and are able to explain things clearly, even the difficult stuff. They have degrees in related disciplines and have vast classroom teaching experience. Learn more about our inspirational teachers here.

The First Lesson Money Back Guarantee (FLMBG) is our commitment to providing a great learning experience to our students. Any new students can disenrol from our on campus courses without any penalty if they are not happy with their first lesson experience. Learn more about our FLMBG here.

Year 11 & 12 courses can be completed during the school term or holidays.

Holiday courses are ideal for students who want to save time during the term and are interested in advanced completion of whole term’s content before school starts. Terms courses are ideal for students who want paced learning to absorb content in a timely manner.

A large number of  our students choose a combination of Holiday and Term courses to suit their individual learning needs and commitments

Students are encouraged to review the missed lesson content and then book a free one-to-one tutorial (Workshop) to address any learning needs with a tutor.

For most courses, students are able to catch-up on the missed term’s content through Holiday Courses. Free one-to-one tutorials (Workshops) can also be used for any individual learning needs.

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