First Lesson Money Back Guarantee (FLMBG) – Terms and Conditions

First Lesson Money Back Guarantee (“FLMBG”) – Terms and Conditions (“this T&C”)

We offer FLMBG to our new customers (“you” if eligible) who are not satisfied with their first lesson at Matrix Education (“Matrix”).

This T&C will apply to your enrolment at Matrix in addition to our Enrolment Terms and Conditions however, this T&C will not supersede Enrolment Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully before you enrol at Matrix and if you have any questions, please contact us on 1300 008 008 or

  1. Under FLMBG, you may receive a refund for courses you disenrol after the first lesson at Matrix.
  2. FLMBG is only available for ‘On Campus’ courses (not available on Matrix+, Short Courses, Exam Preparation Courses, etc)
  3. FLMBG is only available for courses you had not enrolled at Matrix previously (eg, if you had previously enrolled in year 8 Maths and return to Matrix to enrol for year 9 Maths, you will NOT be eligible for FLMBG)
  4. Within 4 days upon completion of your first lesson at Matrix, you must notify Matrix and return all Matrix resources in order to disenrol from the course and be eligible for a refund under FLMBG. If you do not disenrol within 4 days, Matrix will assume your intention of continuing the course at Matrix for the remainder of the term.
  5. You may be eligible for a refund of your enrolment fee if you paid an enrolment fee at the time of enrolling for the course you are applying FLMBG for. Furthermore, you were/are not enrolled in any other courses at Matrix. Please note that if you receive a refund for your enrolment fee under FLMBG, you will need to pay an enrolment fee again if you return to Matrix in the future.
  6. When disenrolling under FLMBG, you must complete a disenrolment survey before a refund can be processed.
  7. Once you disenrolled under FLMBG, your allocated placement in class will be offered to the next customer on the waiting list and there will be no guarantee for you in returning to your class.
  8. Refunds under FLMBG may take up to 5 working days for Matrix to process and it may take up to another 10 working days before it appears in your credit card/debit card account.
  9. This promotion is not available in conjunction with any other special offers or promotions (eg, Free Trial Lesson, etc)
  10. Matrix reserves its right to make changes to these terms and condition at any time at its sole discretion, without further notice