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I don’t know what to expect in UCAT.

I heard that you can’t really study for UCAT.

I worry that I won’t be able to get into medicine because of UCAT.

Everything you need in one place for UCAT success.

From engaging theory lessons, effective exam strategies and techniques and the latest UCAT resources – it’s all here in the online Matrix UCAT Preparation Course. We’ll equip you with the logical, analytical and critical thinking skills to solve even the trickiest questions easily and quickly.

Want to get into Medicine in 2020? Read our Beginners Guide to UCAT for everything you need to know about the UCAT exam!


Practise with the real thing!

Get UCAT exam ready with access to our online UCAT Exam replica.



The real UCAT exam is a 2-hour computer based test with 233 multiple choice questions. Get real exam experience with full access to the UCAT Masterclass featuring 5 full mock exams, easy-to-follow theory content, quizzes and intelligent reporting.

How we help our students ace UCAT

Gain the right techniques with our step-by-step approach to building your logical thinking abilities, critical thinking skills and moral and ethical standards.

Refine your comprehension skills.

Develop your ability to speed-read and understand passages of text.

Equipped with the essential comprehension skills, you’ll be able to determine whether specific conclusions can be drawn from the information presented.

Develop logical thinking abilities.

Learn to interpret complex textual or numerical information to make logical judgments or conclusions.

Equipped with the process for analysing 6 different types of Decision Making questions, you’ll be able to solve any unseen questions in a timely manner.

Watch our Decision Making Expert in action.

Train your numerical problem solving skills

Learn to use your mental maths to perform numerical calculations quickly and accurately.

Equipped with techniques to solve numerical problems, you’ll be able to perform calculations accurately under time pressure.

Watch our Quantitative Reasoning Expert in action.

Learn to map your thought process.

Improve your ability to infer relationships from information.

Equipped with over 15 techniques to quickly identify complex patterns amongst shapes, you’ll be able to solve each question in under 15 seconds.

Watch our Abstract Reasoning Expert in action.

Understand how to deal with moral and ethical concerns

Learn to identify critical moral and ethical concerns in real world medical and educational scenarios.

Equipped with framework for responding to situations involving moral and ethical concerns, you’ll be able to make better situational judgement.

Watch our Morals and Ethics Expert in action.

Get real exam experience with the Matrix UCAT Exam Simulator

Avoid surprises on test day. Test yourself with 6 full mock exams under timed conditions on the Matrix UCAT Exam Simulator powered by Learnable.

Never make the same mistake twice

Review your answers and learn from detailed explanations for each question in the quizzes and the Matrix Theory book.

Our UCAT Preparation Course includes:

Experienced UCAT Teachers

Vast teaching experience with insights into exam techniques and an ability to explain concepts clearly.

Comprehensive Resources

A complete set of resources tailored for UCAT success including a guided theory book that has all the skills and techniques that you need.

Learn on demand

Learn from 5 theory lesson videos you can watch at any time. Cover all the essential UCAT techniques thoroughly.

Online UCAT Exam Simulator

Access UCAT Masterclass featuring six two-hour computer-based UCAT tests to simulate the real UCAT exam.

Intelligent Reporting

Track your performance against your peers. Use actionable insights to identify your areas of improvement.

Get personalised help

Ask questions on the UCAT help chat on UCAT Masterclass.

UCAT Preparation Course

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  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
5 Days
21 Sept - 25 Sept, Sydney City
Monday - Friday 4:30PM - 7:30PM
2 Days
8 Nov & 15 Nov, Sydney City
Sunday 9:30AM - 7:40PM
2 Days
6 Dec & 13 Dec, Sydney City
Sunday 9:30AM - 7:40PM
5 Days
4 Jan - 8 Jan, Sydney City
Monday - Friday 9:20AM - 12:20PM
5 Days
4 Jan - 8 Jan, Sydney City
Monday - Friday 1:30PM - 4:30PM
Access until 31 Jul 2021, Online
Anytime with online Watch Theory Lesson Videos on demand

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Meet Our Inspirational UCAT Experts

Dr Alex Argyros
BAdvSc(Hons) PhD

Alex specialises in the Verbal Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning Subtests. He is the Head of Science and has over ten years experience teaching at Matrix. He is the co-author of the Matrix Science program, course materials and assessments. He has been writing and teaching UMAT and UCAT courses for over 3 years.

Ms Ashley Kim

Ashley specialises in the Decision Making and Quantitative Reasoning Subtests. She studied a Bachelor of Commerce and MBA at UNSW. She has been writing and teaching UMAT and UCAT courses for over 7 years. She is the CEO of Matrix Education.

Dr Jason Ma
BAdvSc Mdc

Jason specialises in the Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement Subtests. He studied a Bachelor of Advanced Science and a Doctor of Medicine (MD) program at the University of Sydney. Jason has been teaching and tutoring at Matrix since 2013 and is a contributing author to the Matrix Biology and Junior Science resources.

Sophie Steains

Sophie specialises in the Verbal Reasoning and Situational Judgement Subtests. She has graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts and has been teaching English at Matrix for over 6 years. She has been writing and teaching UMAT and UCAT courses for over 3 years.

Dr Peter Jurd
BSc(Hons) PhD

Peter specialises in the Decision Making and Quantitative Reasoning Subtests. Peter completed his PhD in Chemistry at the University of New South Wales. He is the Leading Chemistry Teacher at Matrix, with over 7 years of teaching experience.

Dr Emma Lindley
BSc(Hons) PhD

Emma specialises in the Abstract Reasoning subtest. Emma graduated from the University of Sydney with a PhD in Physics. Emma has had extensive Science teaching and tutoring experience since 2008 at USYD and through secondary schools and science programs.

Mr Daniel Tran
BMedChem(Hons) MPhil

Daniel specialises in the Abstract Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning Subtests. Daniel completed a Master of Philosophy (Science) at the University of Sydney. Daniel has taught HSC Maths and Science since 2013 and First Year Chemistry for the School of Chemistry at the University of Sydney.

Our UCAT Preparation Course Course Pricing


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Our UCAT Preparation Online Course includes:


Engaging lessons taught by our UCAT experts.

2 or 5 engaging theory lesson targeting each subtest.

A full set of resources containing UCAT techniques and questions.

Personalised help with UCAT help chat on UCAT Masterclass.

Access to UCAT Masterclass featuring our UCAT Exam Simulator to practise for the real exam.

2300+ UCAT questions including 6 full UCAT exam simulations.

Intelligent Reporting for tracking your performance.

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