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3 Steps To Academic Success

How to learn with Theory Lesson Videos, Q&A Boards, Matrix Resources and personalised help at home

Step 1: Find a course and enrol

Enrol to get access to your online account right away. We’ll get to work on shipping your Matrix resources to your home.

Step 2: Login to Matrix LMS

View all your courses and access resources written by experienced Matrix teachers.

Step 3: Start the Matrix+ Online Learning Method™

Our teachers will guide you through the Matrix Theory Book with Theory Lesson Videos, Q&A Boards, Homework, and Quizzes.

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Boost your confidence with clear weekly Theory Lesson Videos

Syllabus specific Theory Books written by subject experts paired with structured videos. Personalised help on Q&A Boards to fill your knowledge gaps so you’re across the syllabus. Get detailed feedback on your homework and topic tests so you can improve your marks.

How Matrix+ Online Learning Works

Our online teachers have real teaching experience

  • Mr Tahmeed Rafee
    BSc MEng
  • Mr Daniel Wang
    BSc BAdvSt DMc
  • Ms Francesca Wen
    BSc MTeach
  • Dr Arthur Tang
    BSc(Hons) PhDc
  • Ms Apeksha Goswami
    BSc MSc PhDc
  • Dr Benjamin Cornford
    BA(Hons) MCW PhD
  • Mr Matthew Frazer
    BEng(Hons) B Com
  • Ms Bianca Setionago
  • Mrs Katrina Perrott
    BEd(Hons) BTeach
  • Dr William Jorgensen
    BSci (Adv) (Hons) PhD
  • Ms Narelle Roberts
    BA BTeach MEd MCW
  • Dr Katharine Pollock
    BA(Hons) PhD
  • Ms Abarnika Sivasamy
    BEng(Hons) MEng
  • Ms Chelsea Uthayaseelan
  • Mr Skyler Zou
    BActs BComm
  • Ms Isabel Bunting
  • Ms Silvia Nadile
    BA BAdvSt
  • Ms Tram Tran
    BComm LLB
  • Dr Thomas Dixon
    BEng(Hons) PhD
  • Dr Santon Thaver
    BMedRes(Hons) PhD MDc
  • Mr James Kang
    BCom BSc

Matrix+ Online Course Features

Tried and tested online resources to boost your confidence and marks at school

1. Clear, Structured Theory Lesson Videos

All lessons delivered step-by-step. Pause, speed-up, rewatch the videos so you learn at your pace.

2. Subject Matter Experts

Our teachers have vast classroom teaching, HSC and/or university teaching experience and know what it takes to ace the HSC.

3. Q&A Board

Address any gaps in your learning by posting questions on the Q&A Board. Receive a written or video response within one working day!

4. Comprehensive Resources

A full set of resources written by academics and education researchers covering all aspects of the new NSW syllabus.

5. Access When You Need It

Access Theory Lesson Videos and Q&A Board until 31 December 2024 for Year 3-11 courses. So, you know we’ll be there for your exams.

6. Additional Online Resources

Online access to senior supplementary exam papers/texts with Band 6 responses.

Frequently asked questions

Our Matrix classroom Teachers (who are subject matter experts) conduct the Online Theory Lesson Videos. They are experienced and trained educators who are knowledgeable and know how to explain things clearly.

Post your question on the Q&A Board. Matrix teachers or tutors will respond within 1 working day. You can also learn from questions and responses from your peers!

No. Matrix+ lessons are prerecorded to ensure the highest quality delivery for all students!

Our detailed video lessons allow for you to view and follow the lesson at your own pace – pause, replay or speed up videos for an on-demand learning experience. Pause to view, take a break, take notes in your Theory Book, and rewind to view parts of the lessons again. Our Q&A Discussion Boards allow students to ask questions and receive responses within one business day.

Yes! Quizzes will be uploaded weekly for the students to track their progress. The solutions for quizzes and worked homework solutions will be uploaded the day after.

The topic test will be available at the end of the course with worked solutions available later.

For English courses, homework & topic tests will be submitted through the LMS portal. Matrix English teachers mark your work and provide detailed feedback.

Online quizzes are marked instantly each week to help you identify gaps in your learning.

For English, written homework tasks are marked within 1 week.

For Year 11 and 12 Maths questions involving multi-step working, solutions are provided to help students learn how to solve problems.

Assessments are important in helping students track their progress and prepare for exams. Topic Tests will be marked within 2 weeks and may be completed and submitted at any time during the enrolled term.

Any Topic Tests submitted after the deadline will be marked by the end of the term in which the work is submitted.

The next Matrix+ courses run from 31 January 2022 until 3 April 2022. After the term, Year 7- 11 students will still be able to access Theory Lesson Videos, Q&A Discussion Boards and online resources until the end of 31 December 2022.

Year 12 students will be able to access their Theory Lesson Videos, Q&A Boards and online resources until the official HSC exam day.

Each term, we’ll check in with you about your Matrix+ enrolment for the following term – you can add, change or remove topics or courses. We’ll then print your new resources and deliver them before the new term begins so you can continue your learning.

Register for a free trial lesson!  Try it now and read our reviews to hear what our students say about Matrix+.

Students who enrol before Tuesday 4 January 2022, will have their resources dispatched on Wednesday 5 January 2022.

Matrix+ courses are non-refundable. Full terms and conditions are here