Revise or get ahead with school Holiday Courses.

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At the end of each school holiday I realise I’ve done nothing.

I wish someone could help me use my time more effectively.

I need motivation to stay on track during the holidays.

Stop wasting time during the school holidays.

Stay motivated and get ahead by using your holidays effectively.
School holiday courses available for:

Primary School

Writing Skills Writing Skills
OC Test Prep

High School

YEAR 7 test YEAR 9  test YEAR 11 test  YEAR 12
Maths Maths Eng ADV English ADV
English   English   Maths Ext 1   Maths ADV
Biology Maths Ext 1
YEAR 8   YEAR 10   Chemistry   Maths Ext 2
Maths   Maths   Physics Biology 
English English Chemistry
HSC Trial Preparation Course
HSC Exam Preparation Course


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Goodbye frustration. Hello confidence.

See how Nicole saved time studying and improved her marks.

“I wanted to get ahead during the school holidays because I knew there were areas with English and Maths that I needed revision and catching up on. The teachers at Matrix helped me so much – they were interesting to listen to and made difficult concepts so easy to understand.”

Nicole, Presbyterian Ladies' College Sydney

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Benefits of studying at Matrix

Inspirational Teachers

Vast classroom teaching experience, HSC and/or university teaching experience with an ability to explain concepts clearly.

New Syllabus Ready Program

Teaching program that covers all aspects of the NESA Syllabus. Structured learning system that allows students to develop sound study habits every week.

Comprehensive Resources

Theory Book, Work Book, Quizzes, and Topic Tests written by academics and education researchers. Online access to supplementary exam papers/ texts with top responses.

Exam Readiness

Short quizzes and topic tests held under strict exam conditions to ensure students have a solid understanding of the subject.

Weekly Reporting

Weekly tracking of Homework, Quiz and Topic Test results so student and parents can monitor their progress.

Personalised help

Address any gaps in your learning through Workshops and/or Q&A Boards.

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