Epping tutoring

Come and meet our team of HSC Experts at our Epping Campus.

Epping tutoring

Level 4, 3 Carlingford Rd Epping NSW 2121 (entry on 61 Rawson St)

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Come and meet our team of HSC Experts at our Epping Campus.

See why Matrix is trusted by over 6,000 students across 220 schools each term.

Matrix Epping provides the most comfortable environment to get ahead with your studies and homework. Meet our team of inspirational teachers who know exactly what it takes to succeed at school and your exams. Just a 3-minute walk from the station. Visit us today!

Have a peek inside our
Epping campus

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  • epping-tutoring-campus
  • epping-tutoring-campus

We’re just a 3 minute stroll
from Epping station

Level 4, 3 Carlingford Road Epping NSW 2121 (entry on 61 Rawson St)


Meet our Epping teachers

  • Dr Brian McMahon
    BA MSt MA PhD
  • Mr Radmehr Shirzady
  • Dr Natalie Soars
    BSc(Hons) PhD
  • Mr Daniel Youn
    BActSt BInfoSys
  • Ms Jade Gomez
  • Dr Emma Lindley
    BAdvSc(Hons) PhD
  • Mr Charlie Jin
    BMedc MDc
  • Dr Benjamin Cornford
    BA(Hons) MCW PhD
  • Ms Sabine Bolwell
  • Mr Eric Kuang
    BActs BComm
  • Ms Silvia Nadile
    BA BAdvSt
  • Mr Daniel Wang
    BSc BAdvSt DMc
  • Dr James Batten
    BAdvSci(Hons) PhDc
  • Ms Joanna Kyprianou
    BSc DipEd
  • Ms Emma Throssell
  • Ms Kaitlyn Ngo
    BSc MND
  • Mr Nathan Castellino
    BAdvSc(Hons) PhDc
  • Mr Matthew Frazer
    BEng(Hons) B Com
  • Ms Sora Yang
    BA MA MDc
  • Mr Jonathan Dai
    BSc(Hons) JD
  • Mr Tahmeed Rafee
    BSc MEng

Benefits of studying at Matrix

  • Inspirational Teachers

    Vast classroom teaching experience, HSC and/or university teaching experience with an ability to explain concepts clearly.

  • New Syllabus Ready Program

    Teaching program that covers all aspects of the NESA Syllabus. Structured learning system that allows students to develop sound study habits every week.

  • Comprehensive Resources

    Theory Book, Work Book, Quizzes, and Topic Tests written by academics and education researchers. Online access to supplementary exam papers/ texts with top responses.

  • Exam Readiness

    Short quizzes and topic tests held under strict exam conditions to ensure students have a solid understanding of the subject.

  • Weekly Reporting

    Weekly tracking of Homework, Quiz and Topic Test results so student and parents can monitor their progress.

  • Personalised help

    Address any gaps in your learning through Workshops and/or Q&A Boards.

Loved by over 5000 students across 250 schools

Read over 1000, 5 star reviews.
5 star reviews

  • Matrix was honestly one of the best tutoring places I have ever been to. It was only through the experienced tutors and their brilliant guidance I was able to achieve Band 6’s in all my subjects and achieve a 99+ ATAR. I thank you Matrix and I cannot be anymore grateful.

    Frank Chan
  • Matrix Education has been my go-to tutoring place since the end of Year 10. It has given me peace of mind during term time as I am supported by a professional, passionate team of teachers and tutors.

    Hannah Wang
  • I really appreciate the dedication of all my tutors in ensuring that each lesson we get as much done as possible. Matrix has provided me with a quality learning experience.

    Isabel Gong
  • Studying at the Matrix Campus is actually fun and easy due to approachable staff and teachers. The textbooks/theory books they provide are top quality in design but also content. Learning at Matrix has been super enjoyable and I would recommend it to other people.

  • Matrix courses are incredibly well structured and makes keeping track of one’s progress very easy. The teachers and staff are all helpful and vastly knowledgeable. Oh, and they’re all lovely people who truly understand the challenges we face as HSC students!

    Jake Murray
  • The teachers and workshop tutors answered every one of my questions, ensuring that I understood every concept explored and that I adopted the right study techniques for me to excel.

    Kevin Zhu
  • I highly recommend the Matrix Science course as I found this course to be very in depth and detailed, covering all aspects of the syllabus schools cover during the term.

    Kiran Nayager
  • My son attended the Matrix Year 11 Chemistry course and by all reports it was a great idea to do this. The quality of the instruction and texts made available to him were very helpful and have given him a real head start for the year. He will no doubt be doing more Matrix courses in the future.

  • Matrix provides the conducive learning environment that inspires students to achieve their personal bests. The option of Accelerated Holiday Courses and the online Matrix+ empower students with flexibility during the term.

    Landrie Zuo
  • Matrix is an amazing tutoring centre to attend. The learning environment helped me improve my marks and understand concepts better. The workbooks are of good quality and explain concepts well.

    Mishree Patel
  • My son showed a huge improvement in his studies and over the past three years. I have seen him getting more confident. I have now enrolled my second child for Year 10.

    Nafeesa Sultana
  • My son enjoys learning at Matrix. We tried several online tutoring programs and none worked. Matrix is different, it provides you the textbook and online classes that you can use to help your child. I would highly recommend Matrix.

    Neethu Joy
  • With Matrix+ I have continued to receive a highly in-depth understanding of all my school subjects, in a succinct form. The content was delivered in a video-format by a highly qualified Matrix teacher, who made otherwise complex information easier to tackle.

    Nia W
  • Matrix is a great learning environment, with the perfect facility to study and expand your knowledge of so many subjects. They’ve aided me greatly in understanding difficult content, which has improved my marks in school drastically.

  • The Matrix+ online program is excellent value – the resources and workbooks are shipped to your house, the video resources are of exceptional quality and you can get help whenever you need from the tutors online. A great tutoring provider all round, the staff are so friendly and adaptable and work so hard to ensure their students get the best education experience they can.

    Penny L
  • My child was never interested to take Science tuition lessons even though she was struggling at school. After one semester in Year 10 Science tuition at Matrix, I noticed she began to take interest and excelled!

    S P
  • Matrix+ online lessons are flexible and can be done at any time. They also offer free workshop lessons if you need extra help which is really useful. Highly recommend!

    Sampada Kandel
  • Matrix provides a great learning environment. The teachers are very knowledgeable and are always willing to clear any doubts and answer questions regarding the homework/lesson.

    Shumaila Nadeem
  • I have attended both termly and holiday courses at Matrix, and found the passionate teachers and in-depth coverage of syllabus content really helpful in solidifying my understandings in both Chemistry and Maths!

  • My son had a very positive experience with his Maths classes. The teacher is knowledgeable and caring which has helped son not only to be more confident with the subject but also to secure good marks at his school.

    Som Bhattacharyya
  • I love Matrix! I did Year 11 Chemistry and now I am doing Year 12! My teacher has always been very helpful in teaching and answering our questions. The weekly quizzes are very useful in applying our knowledge and so is the topic test. I would highly recommend Matrix.


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