Maths Extension 1
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Save time with tried and tested HSC Maths Extension 1 Exam resources

Focus on what’s important and relevant for the HSC exam. Matrix HSC Maths Extension 1 exam resources cover all the must-know content and exam questions.

  • year 12 maths extension 1 tutoring theory book sneak peak
  • year 12 maths extension 1 tutoring resource
  • year 12 maths extension 1 tutoring resource
  • year 12 maths extension 1 tutoring resource

Revise easily with structured video lessons by HSC experts

Matrix HSC Maths teachers will guide you through the key concepts, and teach you the right techniques to answer HSC exam-style question effectively.

Test your exam readiness with mock HSC Maths Extension 1 exams

Finalise your preparation using Matrix mock HSC Maths Extension 1 exams written by experienced HSC teachers.

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HSC Maths Extension 1 Exam Preparation Course Details


Learn how our online HSC Maths Extension 1 Exam Preparation course works

1. Watch video lessons for guided revision

Watch easy-to-follow video lessons and complete the Matrix Theory Book consisting of key concepts, techniques and a variety of HSC exam questions.

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2. Test your understanding with hundreds of exam-style questions

Improve your understanding and exam skills with relevant HSC Maths Extension 1 exam-style questions organised by topics

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3. Address your learning gaps via the Q&A boards

After each video lesson, ask questions at any time on the online Q&A boards to receive individual support within 1 working day.

Course structure

What's included

  • Comprehensive Exam Books delivered to your home

    Save time with Theory and Exam Work Books written by HSC Maths Ext 1 experts.

  • Experienced HSC Maths Extension 1 Teachers

    Learn from the most experienced HSC Extension 1 teachers who will guide you through the HSC Extension 1 exam preparation.

  • 8 Clear, structured Theory Lesson Videos

    Learn the best techniques for approaching and answering HSC exam questions.

  • Q&A Boards

    Stuck on a question? Address your individual learning needs by posting your questions on the Matrix Q&A Boards and receive responses within 1 working day.

  • Mock Exams with solutions

    Finalise your preparation with Matrix mock HSC Extension 1 exams, written by experienced HSC teachers.


  • Access until the day of the HSC exam

    Enjoy access to all course resources until the last day of the HSC exam.

Access Period


Access starts1 September 2023
Access Ends3 November 2023

Meet our HSC Maths Extension 1 teachers.
Experts with real teaching experience.

Mr Oak Ukritnukun
BEng(Hons) PhDc
Ms Kimberley Nguyen

HSC Maths Extension 1 Course Pricing

  • online
    At your own pace

    Matrix+ online

    8 online lessons anytime anywhere


    per module

    • Taught by experienced Matrix teachers
    • 8 video lessons paired with Theory Book
    • Theory Book and Work Book delivered to your home
    • Access to online resources via the Matrix LMS platform
    • Q&A Boards for individual help
    • Mock Exams with detailed solutions
    • Access until the day of the HSC exam

What our
Year 12 Maths Extension 1 students say

  • The Matrix Prep Course helped me to gain a greater understanding of the modules and what aspects I should particularly focus on when revising. This allowed me to efficiently study and feel more comfortable when sitting my exams.

    Ngan Nguyen
    Ngan Nguyen

    Prairiewood High School

  • After the Trial Exams were over, I was exhausted mentally and physically. Enrolling into the HSC Exam Prep Course was the best thing that I did. It was really intense but I felt all aspects of the syllabus were reviewed thoroughly with emphasis on exam techniques in just one week.

    Jacky He
    Jacky He

    Marist College Penshurst

  • The Maths courses are highly structured and have resources written by professionals in their respective fields. I’ve gained a richer understanding of the content we learn within the HSC syllabus by hearing of its various applications, extensions and derivations that only someone of immense expertise could share.

    Jake Murray
    Jake Murray

    Northern Beaches Christian School

  • The Maths Extension 1 course was extremely helpful with their workbook questions. All the question catered to every topic in the HSC and gave a ton of exposure. The teachers explained complex ideas and methods of approach extremely well.

    Justin Kim
    Justin Kim

    Knox Grammar School

  • I have really benefited from the additional resources the Matrix Maths theory and work books offer, as there are a wide array of questions and examples which are useful for revision.

    Sienna Monahan
    Sienna Monahan

    SCEGGS Darlinghurst

  • Maths Extension 1 is a challenging and thought-provoking subject that allows students to explore the boundaries of Mathematics. At Matrix, they cover the content required for the syllabus in detail and provide exceptional example questions of the calibre students should aim to achieve.

    Afrina Tanisha
    Afrina Tanisha

    St George Girls' High School

  • I’ve improved in my exam performance, and I can confidently attribute this to the Matrix Exam Prep Course. I found that doing the questions, categorised, and with the proper theory, to be much more helpful and motivating than looking at a mountain of past exam papers.

    Alan Wong
    Alan Wong

    Sydney Boys High School

  • The Matrix+ Maths Extension 1 course proved to be remarkably valuable for me. The course took a step by step approach, thoroughly addressing each question. With the ability to pause and replay the content I found myself actually absorbing and learning the material effectively.

    Anuk Ramasundara
    Anuk Ramasundara

    St Mary's Cathedral College, Sydney

Frequently asked questions


Matrix HSC teachers are experienced educators who have qualifications in related disciplines. They are knowledgeable, explain complex concepts clearly, and know how to help students ace the HSC.


You receive physical copies of Theory Book and Work Books as well as access to video lessons on demand, and Q&A boards through the online Matrix LMS platform.

Two Matrix Exam Books will be mailed to your delivery address via Australia Post. Delivery should take 1 – 3 days.

You will be able to access the online Theory Lesson Videos, Q&A Discussion Boards, and additional resources until the day of the HSC exam.

Video Lessons

No. HSC Maths Ext 1 Exam Preparation lessons are pre-recorded to ensure the highest quality delivery for all types of learners! Our clear, structured video lessons allow you to view and follow the lesson at your own pace – pause, replay, or speed up videos for an on-demand learning experience.

You will need to login to the online Matrix LMS platform to access to the online resources. Your login details are emailed at the point of enrolment. Please check your spam folder if you haven’t received the email.

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