Beginner’s Guide to Year 12 Chemistry

Questioning your decision to pick HSC Chemistry? Let us help you through it with this Beginner's Guide to Year 12 Chemistry!

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Are trying to work your way through HSC Chemistry? This Beginner’s Guide to Year 12 Chemistry will go through the key syllabus points for every Module.


All about the Beginner’s Guide to Year 12 Chemistry

Let’s be straight, HSC Chemistry introduces quite a few complex concepts. Fortunately, we’ve broken down the key points in this Beginner’s Guide to Year 12 Chemistry, so you can conquer your assessments.

You can find the full syllabus for HSC Chemistry on the NESA website, here.


What’s in this Guide

In this guide, we will explain each module of Year 12 Chemistry:

  1. Equilibrium and Acid Reactions


What type of questions can I expect in the HSC?

The HSC Exams include a range of multiple choice, short answer and extended response questions. You can find past Chemistry HSC Exams on the NESA website (2021 exam, 2020 exam), and exam solutions for the latest exams on the Matrix Blog.


What are some common student issues?

There are some common mistakes that students make in the HSC exam every year:

  • Misinterpreting the key verb
  • Providing multiple answers hoping one answer is correct
  • Providing irrelevant responses
  • Drawing unclear, unlabelled diagrams
  • Using incorrect chemical equations
  • Not knowing the solubility rules!
  • Incorrectly rounding off significant figures
  • Not presenting calculations involving mole questions

If you want to properly prepare for the HSC Chemistry Exam, check out this student’s top hacks in this Matrix Blog Post.


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