Our Students Come First.

Since 1999, we've helped over 15,000 students achieve their academic goals.

Here’s a snapshot of our students’ 2023 HSC results.

ATAR or above by 35 of our students
ATAR or above by 53% of our students
ATAR or above by 76% of our students

Process is at the core of our teaching

Whether it’s English or Math or Science, our courses are designed with our students’ learning process at the core. How our students learn is integrated into all aspects of our teaching and resources.

In our recent annual survey, students said:.

saw their school marks improve
said their feel more confident with their studies
improved their study skills
acquired effective study techniques
felt they had an advantage over their school friends
found new like-minded life-long friends

How is Matrix different?




Vast classroom teaching experience, HSC and/or university teaching experience with an ability to explain concepts clearly
Have little or no actual teaching experience, cannot explain difficult concepts in a manner that students can understand


Teaching program that covers the NSW Education Standard Authority syllabus. Structured learning system that allows students to develop sound study habits every week
Most private tutors and other tuition centres do not follow a set structure; rather they have an ad-hoc approach without considering timing and outcomes


A full set of resources written by academics and education researchers. Online access to Supplementary exam papers / texts with top responses.
Only address content that students raise, use generic textbooks.


Short quizzes and topic tests held under strict exam conditions to ensure students have a solid understanding of the subject
No exam-style quizzes or tests that assess the student’s weaknesses. Hence, they are not able to identify their learning needs


Weekly tracking of Grades, Quiz and Topic Test results so student and parents can monitor their progress.
No measured tracking process so they cannot tell if the student is struggling or improving.

Learning Management System

Share information, academic resources and advice with classmates from over 220 schools.
Do not have the library of resources or past exams that can help students excel

One-to-one Workshops

Free workshops to target individual learning needs
No additional support outside the lesson.