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Will your child be sitting the OC Test? Here's everything you need to know about the Opportunity Class Placement Test.

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All about the Opportunity Class and the OC test

The Opportunity Class test, also known as the OC test, is an exam taken by Year 4 students for a place in academically selective Year 5 Opportunity Classes located in 77 primary schools across NSW.

Getting a placement in an Opportunity Class can be an important experience for academically gifted students and offers a step-up in preparation for the later Selective School Placement test.

In this article:

  1. Opportunity Classes 
  2. The Opportunity Class Placement Test
  3. Getting an OC placement offer
  4. Frequently Asked Questions about the Opportunity Class Placement Test


Opportunity Classes (OC)

What are Opportunity Classes or OC?

The Opportunity Class is a 2-year program developed by the NSW government to cater for academically gifted Year 5 and Year 6 students with high potential. The Opportunity Class placement program starts in Year 5 and ends in Year 6.


What are the benefits of OC?

Students stay with the same group of students from Year 5 to 6 and are exposed to more academically advanced topics.

Although these classes are incredibly academically selective, it may be worthwhile investing the time and effort into OC test preparation. After all, being surrounded by other like-minded and academically gifted students can be an empowering experience for your child.

Not only will the classroom environment be different, but the teaching methods and educational materials used in Opportunity Classes are also specifically chosen to suit academically gifted students.

Opportunity Class Environment_Opportunity Class placement test


Which schools offer OC?

There are 77 primary schools that offer opportunity classes across NSW (see map below).

OC Schools NSW Location Map

In 2023, there are 1840 places available in Year 5 opportunity classes in the 77 NSW primary schools.

Most schools offer 15 or 30 OC placements. Artarmon public school and Woollarah public school offered 60 OC placements for 2023 and Aurora college offered 100 virtual OC placements (remote and online).

The map below shows the primary schools with opportunity classes in Greater Sydney region.

OC Schools Map Greater Sydney Region

See the full list of 77 NSW primary schools that offer opportunity classes.


How do you apply for the OC?

All applicants must submit their application online by the closing date. You can apply for an Opportunity Class on the NSW Department of Education website by following their ‘Steps to apply’ section.

Remember, you can only choose up to two schools when applying, so make sure you consider the location and the number of places available in each school. Read our OC school overview article to find out how many places are available in each school.

Parents are advised to monitor the Department’s OC website regularly for updates throughout the application and placement process.


Who can apply for the OC?

There are residency requirements for applicants:

  • A student’s family must be living in NSW by the beginning of the school year of entry.
  • A student must be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident of Australia or a New Zealand citizen to enrol in an opportunity class.

Your child will be eligible to sit the OC test only when they are in Year 4 and there are no late entries to the class in Year 6 apart from students on the reserve list.


When do you apply for the OC?

Key dates for 2024 Opportunity Class are listed below.

  • OC Applications open: April 2023
  • OC Applications close: May 2023
  • OC Test date: 27 July 2023

While the specific application date may vary from year to year. Applications normally open towards the end of the first school term. We recommend you regularly check the Opportunity Class application process page to make sure you don’t miss out.


What is the selection process?

To be considered, students must sit the OC Placement Test.

Students are ranked in order of academic merit based on their performance in the OC Placement Test. This rank will then be reviewed by the selection committee to make placement decisions.


The OC Placement Test

What is the OC Placement Test?

The OC Placement Test is a paper-based exam for a place (out of 1840) in academically selective classes offered in one of 77 NSW public schools.

The test will begin at 9am sharp, so make sure you arrive at the test centre a little earlier. There’s nothing worse than rushing into the exam hall with seconds to spare.

OC test exam hall_Opportunity Class placement test


How long is the OC Placement Test?

The OC test is a 1 hour and 40 minute paper-based test that is completed in one day.


What is the structure of the OC Placement Test?

The OC test consists of three sections: (1) Reading test (25 questions in 30 min), (2) Mathematical Reasoning test (35 questions in 40 min), and (3) Thinking Skills test (30 questions in 30 min).

All three tests consist of only multiple choice questions and there is no writing section in the OC test.

The three OC test sections are:

Test Section Questions Test Duration
Reading 25 30 minutes
Mathematical Reasoning 35 40 minutes
Thinking Skills 30 30 minutes


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Getting an OC placement offer

So, you’ve received your OC placement outcome on Friday 7 October this year, what does it all mean?

You will have received OC test results with one of the following outcomes:

  • Offered a place at one of the two school choices you have put down
  • Placed on the reserve list for one or both of your school choices
  • Unsuccessful for both of your school choices

If your child has managed to receive an offer for Opportunity Class placement it’s time to respond to that offer. You must respond to the offer for placement before the specified due date. Otherwise, your child may have been placed on the OC reserve list for their selected schools. If this is the case, it’s important to remember that this list remains active until at least the end of Term 1 of Year 6.

When an Opportunity Class student chooses not to accept their OC placement offer or moves away during Year 5 or Term 1 of Year 6, their spot goes to the next student on the reserve list for that school.

If your child was unsuccessful at attaining a place in an Opportunity Class, the next opportunity lies in the Selective School or Scholarship tests for entry in Year 7.


Frequently Asked Questions about the OC test

Q: When should I start preparing for the OC test?

The OC test is sat by Year 4 students in July. To adequately prepare for the OC Test, students should start the process in Year 3. This will give Year 3 students approximately 12 – 18 months of preparation time.

Q: How do you prepare for the OC test?

Step 1: Understand what the structure, format and content of the OC test. The tests require students to solve one question per minute!

Step 2: Build strong foundations in English and Maths. The Reading test and Mathematical Reasoning test require students to apply their fundamental skills to solve questions efficiently.

Step 3: Allocate enough time to learn the theory and techniques for each module. We recommend that you learn these modules over a period of 9 – 12 months.

Step 4: Master the techniques to solve 48 question types efficiently. Do not rote-learn the questions. There are many different questions types. If you were to introduce 8 different variations for each question type, there are at least 384 different questions!

Step 4: Take mock exams under-timed conditions. All the information in the world won’t beat the most important aspect of any test preparation. Practice.

Take a look at the individual articles in this guide for more details on what to expect and how to prepare for each test section.

Q: When is the OC test in 2023?

The OC test for 2024 entry is on 27 July 2023.

Q: Does the OC test have a writing section?

No. There are three sections in the OC test consisting of Reading, Mathematical Reasoning, and Thinking Skills.

Q: How long is the OC test?

The test is 1 hour and 40 minutes long. It consist of three test sections

  • 25 questions for the Reading section
  • 35 questions for the Mathematical Reasoning section
  • 30 questions for the Thinking Skills section

Q: How many questions are in the OC test?

There are 90 questions in total.

  • 25 questions for the Reading section (30 minutes)
  • 35 questions for the Mathematical Reasoning section (40 minutes)
  • 30 questions for the Thinking Skills section (30 minutes)

Q: How is the entry determined?

Students are ranked in order of academic merit based on their performance in the placement test.


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