English Holiday
year 5 english tutoring teacher in action

High-quality English resources

Comprehensive NSW Year 5 new-syllabus resources including a 200+ page Theory Book, 100+ online practice questions, and 3 diagnostic tests each term.

  • year 5 english tutoring theory book sneak peak
  • year 5 english tutoring resource
  • year 5 english tutoring resource

Qualified English experts

Matrix teachers are experts in their field. Build strong reading, comprehension, and writing exam skills from qualified experts with real classroom teaching experience.

year 5 english tutoring teacher in action
  • Step 1

    Wide Reading

  • Step 2

    Reading Techniques

  • Step 3

    Writing Techniques

  • Step 4

    Guided Writing

  • Step 5

    Online Homework

  • Step 6

    Diagnostic Tests & Feedback

Track your child’s progress

Stay informed at every step of your child’s academic journey with the Matrix Learning Management System (LMS), designed to intelligently track homework progression and achievement.

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Year 5 English Tutoring Course Details

See how our flexible learning methods can cater to your child’s learning needs.


How our Year 5 English holiday tutoring works

year 3 english tutoring teacher in action

1. Daily guided writing practice led by experienced teachers

Make writing predictable. Apply our unique guided writing methods to consistently compose strong responses.

year 3 english tutoring teacher in action

2. Build confidence in persuasive, imaginative, and informative writing

When it comes to writing for exams, confidence is key. Students learn how to structure and write for NAPLAN and Selective School writing tasks using fun and engaging activities that leave students with lifelong English skills.

year 3 english tutoring teacher in action

3. Receive personalised feedback

Gain practical experience and receive helpful feedback from experienced teachers.

Course structure

What's included: Holiday course

  • Experienced English teachers

    Matrix teachers are experts in their field with vast classroom teaching experience and matching qualifications.

  • High quality English resources

    Get a 100+ colour page Writing Skills Book designed by experts to develop students’ practical writing skills with fun and engaging exercises.

  • Small class sizes

    We maintain small class sizes, with a maximum of 16 students arranged in a U-shape formation, ensuring an interactive and engaging classroom learning environment.

  • State of the art learning environment

    All Matrix Campuses are designed for student comfort and engagement. Make learning enjoyable with our comfortable and professional learning environment.

  • Structured around key academic milestones

    Whether it’s in preparation for the NAPLAN, Selective School Placement Test, or you’re just looking to gain extra support in preparation for High School, the Matrix Holiday Writing Skills Course is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to get ahead.

  • Expert academic advice

    Want advice on your child’s learning? Get exclusive access to academic advice, and invitations to events and seminars from the Matrix academic team.


  • Chatswood

    8 - 12 July
    10:30am - 12:00pm
  • Epping

    8 - 12 July
    10:30am - 12:00pm
  • Hurstville

    8 - 12 July
    10:30am - 12:00pm
  • Parramatta

    8 - 12 July
    10:30am - 12:00pm
  • Strathfield

    8 - 12 July
    10:30am - 12:00pm

Year 5 English Pricing

Flexible payment options: Pay quarterly or monthly over 3 months.

  • on-campus
    During the holidays
    Short skills course

    Holiday course

    5 daily lessons over 5 days


    per holiday course

    • Taught by experienced Matrix teachers
    • Structured 5-day skills course that targets writing skills
    • Detailed Theory Book in the newest edition
    • English writing tasks designed to improve students' reading and writing skills
    • Personalised feedback on written work

A word from our
Year 5 English students

  • Matrix has allowed Max to be ahead of his school work and improve his school marks. It has also provided him with something enriching to do outside of school.

    Parent of Max C.
    Parent of Max C.
  • He loves to study and understands the topics much better. His performance has increased and became better.

    Parent of Kian S.
    Parent of Kian S.
  • I think Matrix Education courses give me the best form of learning. I love how the teacher explains things in class!

    Ishaan Roy
    Ishaan Roy

Frequently asked questions


Matrix primary teachers are experienced educators who have degrees in related disciplines. They are knowledgeable, know how to explain things clearly, and make learning fun.

Matrix Year 5 English teachers deliver a structured and engaging learning experience through instructional and interactive teaching.


Yes, the Matrix Year 5 English tutoring course covers every aspect of the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Syllabus thoroughly. The course helps students to develop strong foundations in all aspects of English.

Matrix teaches one term ahead of the school program with Term 1 starting in October each year. This means students learn ahead and gain a competitive advantage over their school peers when the topic is revisited at their school.

On Campus Course

Each tutoring session is 90 minutes long and consists of Theory, Application and Guided Writing Practice. Refer to lesson structure for a detailed breakdown.

All Matrix classes seat a maximum of 16 students arranged in U-shape formation to support an interactive and engaging student learning environment.

Matrix provides students access Online Theory Lesson Videos for missed lessons and revisions. The video lessons are easy to follow and paired with the Matrix Theory Book.

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