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Module and text-specific resources

Get ahead with module and text-specific resources tailored for HSC success. Gain comprehensive access to resources including textual analysis, critical readings, and contextual information on almost every text on the NESA syllabus.

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  • year 12 english advanced tutoring resource
  • year 12 english advanced tutoring resource

Year 12 English Advanced Tutoring Course Details

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Course structure


Access Period

Access start9 October 2023
Access end31 December 2024


What our
Year 12 English students say

  • Year 12 English term courses helped me gain a broader understanding of all the Modules as well as improve my analysis skills. Moreover, the valuable feedback I received from my teacher ultimately gave rise to higher marks and increased confidence.

    Hannah Wang
    Hannah Wang

    Tara Anglican School for Girls

  • For me, the English courses were most helpful as they were tailored to your selected texts and include useful information on context and history, alongside the usual textual analysis and techniques.

    Sienna Monahan
    Sienna Monahan

    SCEGGS Darlinghurst

  • I love the Matrix English courses because they are wonderful at allowing students to evaluate and understand different values and understanding from a range of texts. They provide a clear structure and process to writing essays to help me improve my process.

    Afrina Tanisha
    Afrina Tanisha

    St George Girls' High School

  • I found the Matrix English term course useful in developing my knowledge of the text as well as its context. I also found it was helpful because you could get extra feedback from your teachers!

    Caitlyn Tan
    Caitlyn Tan

    Pymble Ladies' College

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Year 12 English Advanced tutoring Pricing

Flexible payment options: Pay quarterly or monthly over 3 months.

  • online
    At your own pace

    Matrix+ online

    9 lessons anytime anywhere


    per module

    • Taught by experienced Matrix teachers
    • Video lessons paired with Theory Book
    • New edition Theory Book delivered to your home
    • Weekly writing homework
    • Personalised feedback on written work
    • Access to Matrix LMS resources
    • Q&A Boards for individual help
    • Progress tracking for students and parents
    • HSC-style mock Exam with marking and feedback
    • Access until HSC commencement date

Frequently asked questions


Matrix English teachers are experienced educators who have degrees in related disciplines. They are knowledgeable, know how to explain things clearly, and make learning fun.

Matrix English teachers deliver a structured and engaging learning experience through a mix of instructional and interactive teaching.


Yes, the Matrix Year 12 English Advanced tutoring program covers every aspect of the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Syllabus thoroughly.

Matrix Term 1 starts in October each year. This allows Year 12 students to work on the HSC syllabus for four full times as opposed to three terms at school. The extra term of HSC studies means Matrix students gain a competitive advantage over their school peers.

100% of our students have reported an improvement in their confidence and marks since enrolling into the Matrix Year 12 English Advanced course.

Online Courses

Matrix+ is an online course consisting of video lessons paired with Matrix Theory Books. It’s accessible, more affordable and flexible compared to Matrix On-Campus courses. It’s an effective learning option if you prefer to learn at your own pace.

No, Matrix+ lessons are pre-recorded to ensure the highest quality delivery for all types of learners! Our high quality, easy to follow video lessons allow you to view and follow the lesson at your own pace – pause, replay, or speed up videos for an on-demand learning experience.

Online course students will still be able to access Theory Lesson Videos, Q&A Discussion Boards, and online resources until the end of the calendar year. For example, students enrolled in the 2024 Term 1 course (commences October 2023) will have access until December 2024.

Matrix Theory Books will be mailed to your delivery address via Australia Post.

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