ucat courses ucat prep course resource theory book

Save time with tried and tested UCAT Exam resources

We’ll equip you with the logical, analytical, and critical thinking skills to solve even the trickiest questions easily and quickly.

  • ucat courses ucat prep course resource
  • ucat courses ucat prep course resource
  • ucat courses ucat prep course resource
  • ucat courses ucat prep course resource
  • ucat courses ucat prep course resource

Revise easily with structured video lessons by UCAT experts

Matrix UCAT teachers will guide you through the key concepts, and teach you the right techniques step-by-step to build your logical thinking abilities, critical thinking skills, and moral and ethical standards.

Get real exam experience with the Matrix UCAT Exam Simulator

Avoid surprises on test day. Test yourself with 7 full mock exams under timed conditions on the Matrix UCAT Exam Simulator.

ucat courses ucat mock exam simulator

UCAT Courses Details


Learn how our online HSC Physics Exam Preparation course works

1. Watch video lessons for guided revision

Watch easy-to-follow video lessons and complete the Matrix Theory Book consisting of key concepts, techniques and a variety of HSC exam questions.

  • ucat courses ucat prep course resource
  • ucat courses ucat prep course resource
  • ucat courses ucat prep course resource
  • ucat courses ucat prep course resource
  • ucat courses ucat prep course resource

2. Test your understanding with hundreds of exam-style questions

Improve your understanding and exam skills with relevant HSC Physics exam-style questions organised by modules

matrix tutoring discussion board q and a

3. Address your learning gaps via the Q&A boards

After each video lesson, ask questions at any time on the online Q&A boards to receive individual support within 1 working day.

What's included: online course

  • High quality UCAT Resources delivered to your home

    Get 240+ page new-edition resources written by expert teachers designed to help students develop in-depth knowledge and exam skills.

  • Experienced UCAT Teachers

    Matrix UCAT teachers are specialists in their fields. They have vast classroom teaching experience and can explain complex concepts clearly.

  • Online practice questions

    2300+ UCAT questions including 7 full UCAT exam mock tests with solutions.

  • Track progress with Weekly Homework and Quizzes

    Track your progress and achievement through UCAT questions and 7 full UCAT Exam simulations.

  • On demand Theory Lesson Videos to watch any time

    Online video lessons are conducted by experienced UCAT teachers who take you through the Matrix Theory Book step-by-step.

  • Extended access until the UCAT exam

    Enjoy access to all course resources until the last day of the UCAT exam.

Access Period

Courses purchased from 18 December 2023 – 1 January 2024, will be sent via Express Post on 2 January 2024.


Access starts1 October 2023
Access Ends31 July 2024

Meet our UCAT Preparation Course teachers.
Experts with real teaching experience.

  • Dr Alex Argyros
    BAdvSc(Hons) PhD
  • Dr Emma Lindley
    BAdvSc(Hons) PhD
  • Ms Kimberley Nguyen
    BA BEd
  • Mr James Wang
    BMed MDc
  • Mr Daniel Tran
    BSc(Hons) MPhil MTeach

UCAT Exam Pricing

  • online
    At your own pace

    Matrix+ online

    8 online lessons anytime anywhere


    for full course

    • Structured course designed by experienced UCAT teachers
    • Theory Lesson video lessons
    • Latest version 240+ page Theory Book delivered to your home
    • UCAT strategies and techniques
    • Premium account for UCAT Masterclass
    • 2300+ UCAT questions including 7 full UCAT exam mock tests with solutions
    • Intelligent reporting to track performance
    • Extended access to resources until the day of the UCAT exam

What our
UCAT Course students say

  • The UCAT Prep Course was a great introduction to the sections found in the actual test. I was able to practice tackling questions in a similar format to the actual UCAT. The different types of exam problems the course had available enabled me to focus on areas I needed to improve on.

    Ngan N.
    Ngan N.

    Prairiewood High School

  • It was really good having experienced teachers for the UCAT course because you don’t miss out on any important details or tips. Having a teacher specialising in each subtest of the UCAT exam allows you to create a separate mindset for each of the five subtests which are different from each other.

    Sonia I.
    Sonia I.

    Wenona School

  • I found the UCAT course really motivating as I had other students to work with and support me. The resources were well-structured and allowed me to easily follow and extract information.

    Justin M.
    Justin M.
  • The UCAT Prep Course provided quizzes that identified my weak points and allowed me to do multiple drills on topics I struggled with. The simulated exams were extremely similar to the real exam. When I came to sit the actual UCAT, I was already familiar with the layout and could easily orient myself without panicking.

    Justin K.
    Justin K.

    Knox Grammar School

  • UCAT was completely daunting for me, but the course helped me greatly in familiarising with all the question types and address each one individually. The tips and strategies were very useful and I felt a lot more confident and prepared for UCAT.

    Cindy Q.
    Cindy Q.

    North Sydney Girls High School

  • Most students practice thousands of UCAT style questions without knowing the most effective strategies to tackle them under the intense time constraints. This is where UCAT Prep Course is different, the sessions while giving students a general, well-rounded understanding of the UCAT, is detail focused.

    Ailish C.
    Ailish C.

    Asquith Girls High School

  • Highly recommend, particularly if you are just beginning to prepare for UCAT. The materials were well put-together and of excellent quality. I was very happy with the quality of the question examples as they were wide-ranging and many were clearly aimed at targeting commonly made mistakes. All the research and information included was very helpful, trustworthy and easy to digest.

    Angela P.
    Angela P.

    Sydney Girls High School

  • I found the UCAT Prep Course very insightful. Each section taught strategies on how to answer different questions and how to improve speed. Having the solutions explained afterwards ensured that I fully understood how to solve similar problems next time.

    Cathy L.
    Cathy L.

    Sydney Girls High School

  • An amazing course that truly prepared me for my upcoming exam. We went into depth and covered a range of questions that were relevant. Simulation of the UCAT time restraints were especially helpful as the test-like atmosphere for each topic gave us an understanding of the real exam conditions. Overall, very well constructed and would highly recommend.

    James D.
    James D.

    Cranbrook School

  • The UCAT Prep Course resources are divided into the 5 subtests and thoroughly detailed the types of questions and the many ways to tackle them. Due to UCAT being an online exam, the most beneficial aspect for me was the provision of various online resources.

    Muhsana S.
    Muhsana S.

    St George Girls High School

  • The UCAT Masterclass is frankly one of the best courses out there in its sheer ability to holistically tackle all question types from all 5 sections of the UCAT. It’s evident that UCAT Prep Course is highly dedicated to providing students with the most tried and effective strategies to smash out every single section, apparent in the structured layout of their in-course ‘textbook’.

    Sajid R.
    Sajid R.

    Sydney Boys High School

Frequently asked questions


Matrix UCAT Course teachers are experienced educators who are subject matter experts. They are knowledgeable, explain complex concepts clearly, and know how to help students ace the UCAT.


Students receive the latest-version UCAT Theory Book as well as access to video lessons on demand. Students will also get premium access to UCAT Masterclass where they can complete 2300+ UCAT questions including 7 full UCAT exam mock tests.

On-campus students will receive their books on the first day of their course. Online students will have their Matrix books mailed to their delivery address via Australia Post. Delivery should take 1 – 3 days.

You will be able to access the online Theory Lesson Videos, Q&A Discussion Boards, and additional resources until the UCAT exam at the end of August.

Video Lessons

No. Watch at any time with Theory Lesson Videos ready for you on-demand. Our clear, structured video lessons allow you to view and follow the lesson at your own pace – pause, replay, or speed up videos for an on-demand learning experience.

You will need to login to the online Matrix LMS platform to access to the online resources. Your login details are emailed at the point of enrolment. Please check your spam folder if you haven’t received the email.

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