2012 High School Rankings

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These 2012 High School Rankings have been derived from the NSW Board of Studies website.
How to read the HSC rankings:


  • Total Credits: refers to the number of band 6 performance results achieved by students in each school.
  • Total Year 12 Students: shows the number of HSC students enrolled.
  • Total Attempts: refers to the number of times all students in the cohort sat an exam.
  • 2012 Success Rate: shows the total number of credits divided by the number of times all students in the Year 12 cohort sat an exam.
  • 2011 Rank: This column shows the rank of the school in the previous year.
2012 RankSchool NameTotal CreditsTotal Y12 StudentsTotal Attempts2012 Success Rate2011 Rank
1James Ruse Agricultural High School788168113769.31%1
2North Sydney Boys High School57114993261.27%2
3North Sydney Girls High School596161104357.14%5
4Sydney Girls High School532168100153.15%6
5Baulkham Hills High School689200130352.88%3
6Hornsby Girls High School38112472452.62%7
7Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Campus38213274351.41%10
8Sydney Boys High School593205123248.13%4
9SCEGGS Darlinghurst31411165847.72%13
10Sydney Grammar School514181113545.29%12
11Conservatorium High School953421743.78%31
13Frensham School1175028041.79%44
14Moriah College32213777641.49%9
15Fort Street High School34115087838.84%8
16Reddam House1376935638.48%24
17Pymble Ladies’ College586252153138.28%15
19SHORE – Sydney Church of England Grammar School421203112637.39%35
20Hurlstone Agricultural High School393178105537.25%26
21St George Girls High School377181101337.22%16
22Masada College1225933436.53%17
23Presbyterian Ladies College Sydney31814789735.45%33
24Ravenswood School for Girls19810358034.14%30
25Roseville College1417842233.41%37
26Meriden School1447343233.33%18
27Normanhurst Boys High School25412477932.61%19
28Ascham School1579049131.98%11
29Wenona School1899459531.76%34
30St Aloysius’ College27315288630.81%22
31Emanuel School1136636730.79%42
32Loreto Kirribilli23312576530.46%38
33Sydney Technical High School26416291428.88%23
34Kincoppal – Rose Bay School of the Sacred Heart1609255528.83%36
35Malek Fahd Islamic School19813169828.37%32
36Willoughby Girls High School20213671428.29%77
37Loreto Normanhurst286167101128.29%21
38Girraween High School22713482127.65%29
39Gosford High School283184102627.58%41
40The King’s School278187101227.47%63
41Penrith High School24715292826.62%46
42St Catherine’s School1419255325.50%40
43Knox Grammar Scool343247136225.18%27
44MLC School14610058425.00%52
45Barker College460338188124.46%47
46Smith’s Hill High School19613680224.44%39
47Queenwood School for Girls1208749524.24%25
48Kesser Torah College282212422.58%43
49St Ignatius’ College314227139522.51%55
50Merewether High School21817097622.34%58
51Cherrybrook Technology High School403337181022.27%62
52Caringbah High School19015386421.99%28
53Pittwater House Schools574926521.51%87
54Santa Sabina College15612575721.46%68
55Tara Anglican School for Girls897542920.75%60
56Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College19015593120.41%72
57Mount St Benedict College14611972420.17%147
58Mosman High School13713168619.97%171
59Newcastle Grammar School1039654119.04%57
60St Ursula’s College16715188618.85%69
61St Luke’s Grammar School797542118.76%90
62St Mary & St Mina’s Coptic Orthodox College242212818.75%49
63Danebank – An Anglican School for Girls10510056818.49%48
64Newington College18416899918.42%71
65Illawarra Christian School, Cordeaux Campus202010918.35%232
66Alexandria Park Community School191910518.10%584
67Cranbrook School14013379117.70%54
68Sefton High School16916895517.70%51
69Canberra Grammar School14213581717.38%66
70St Andrew’s Cathedral School15216487817.31%96
71St Patrick’s College, Strathfield180171104417.24%91
72Cheltenham Girls High School18419917.20%70
73International Grammar School939554617.03%53
74Meadowbank International Trust School8712851416.93%123
75Burwood Girls High School180190107716.71%61
76Newtown High School of Performing Arts15017189816.70%81
77Hunter Valley Grammar School767746216.45%50
78Brigidine College St Ives12713577316.43%75
79Chatswood High School13714984216.27%144
80The Scots College163177101616.04%76
81Macquarie Grammar School8105016.00%485
82The McDonald College354122115.84%132
83St Vincent’s College9010157415.68%65
84All Saints’ College Bathurst384624515.51%85
85Ryde Secondary College11913577015.45%158
86Strathfield Girls High School14517294015.43%89
87Killara High School217267142915.19%56
88Redfield College293719215.10%82
89Arden Anglican School496032515.08%45
90Macquarie Fields High School14115594015.00%110
91Trinity Grammar School149159100614.81%86
92Parramatta Marist High School11714179114.79%78
93Epping Boys High School149177101814.64%184
94St Mark’s Coptic Orthodox College384826114.56%84
95Sule College, Prestons719348914.52%100
96St Mary’s Cathedral College11013776014.47%98
97The Illawarra Grammar School809955814.34%106
98Australian International School Hong Kong404928314.13%179
99Freeman Catholic College158164112414.06%130
100St Patrick’s College Sutherland12013986313.90%181

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