Year 12

The Ultimate Rosemary Dobson Guide | Common Mod: Texts and Human Experiences

Filmic Techniques: How to Analyse Music in Film or TV

Literary Techniques: Simile

How to Respond to NESA Key Words to Ace Your HSC

Part 2: Emma Analysis and Themes | The Ultimate Emma Study Guide

The Ultimate TS Eliot Cheatsheet | Mod B: The Critical Study of Literature

Mod B: The Ultimate Emma Study Guide | Pt 1: Understanding Emma

Top 6 Student Struggles with Discursive Essays and their Solutions | Free Cheatsheet Download

COVID-19 and the 2020 UCAT | Update (25/03/2020)

Part 2: How to Write a ‘Henry IV Part 1’ Critical Essay for Module B | Free Exemplar Response

COVID-19 and My 2020 HSC | Updated: 15 May 2020

Saleha’s Hacks: How I achieved 3 State Ranks and an ATAR of 99.85

Kieren’s Hacks: How to Use Libraries to Beat Distraction

Module B: Understanding Henry IV Part 1 – Overview | Free Exemplar Response

Kush’s Hacks: How to use the syllabus for HSC success | 97.60 ATAR

David’s Hacks: How I Came 1st in Physics and Achieved a 99.95 ATAR with 4 State Ranks

Muskaan’s Hacks: How I Use Journals to Stay Ahead for the HSC

How to Write a Comparative The Tempest Hag-Seed Essay | Module A: Textual Conversations Part 2

The Ultimate The Tempest Hag-Seed Cheat Sheet | Module A: Textual Conversations Part 1

Sherryn’s Hacks: How To Use Self-Reflection and Planning To Study Effectively

5 Reasons You Must Sit The UCAT MED

Cecilia’s Hacks: Ace HSC Chemistry by Targeting Your Weak Spots

Kaitlyn’s Hacks: How I Timetabled My Way to HSC Success

Eric’s Hacks: Ace Your HSC with Weekly Rhythms and a Reflection Book

Matthew Drielsma’s Hacks: How I Aced HSC Physics

Rosanna’s Hacks: How to State Rank ALL Your Accelerated Courses

Jonathan’s Hacks: How to Save Your HSC English Mark

Ayushma’s Hacks: How I Overcame Anxiety and Self-Doubt to Ace the HSC 👊

Minseo’s Hacks: How I Ranked 1st for HSC Trials in All My Courses 🥇!

2019 HSC Physics Paper Solutions and Explanations

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