Year 12

Understanding Module B: Critical Reception, Context, and Significance

The New 2019 Year 12 Module B: Critical Study of Literature

The New Year 12 Module A: Textual Conversations (2019)

Coping with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression During the HSC

The New 2019 Module C: The Craft of Writing

The Essential Guide to Textual Integrity

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7 HSC Trial Problems to Test Your Maths Extension 2 Skills

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Coco’s High School Hacks For Getting Into Actuarial Studies At UNSW

Critical Study of Literature – The New Year 11 Module B

How to Ace Oral Presentations

The Essential Citizen Kane Character Guide for Module B

2019 Year 12 Common Module: Texts and Human Experiences

How to Write a Reflection Statement – A Step-by-Step Guide

The New Year 11 and Year 12 English Assessments

Literary Techniques: Allegory

Ella’s ATAR Hacks for Overcoming a Lack of Focus to Score 99.55

Ymer’s ATAR Hacks for Overcoming Procrastination to Score 99.90

Kenvin’s ATAR ‘Hacks’ For Overcoming Procrastination and Scoring 99.75

Stephanie’s ATAR Hacks for Conquering Self-Doubt and Scoring 99.85

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