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Here, you can find sample answers and guidelines to the latest HSC English Advanced Exam Papers. Written by our HSC English Experts, you'll be sure to gain new insights and boost your English responses.

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The importance of practice

Writing is hard. At least it is if you don’t have enough practice.

Only through practice will you develop the ability to think on the fly and confidently articulate new ideas in a succinct and sophisticated manner. And this is what will get you top marks.


Why past papers?

Past papers are the best form of practice because they emulate what you will actually be doing in your exam. Think about it like this: you wouldn’t prepare for a swimming race with a tennis match — you would prepare by swimming laps! Similarly, by gradually priming yourself to complete a past paper in strict exam conditions, you are doing the best thing for your exam performance.


How do I use these sample answers?

There’s no point in just blindly running through past papers without taking time to reflect on what you’ve learnt. So, our HSC English experts have written sample answers for you to compare your responses against. That way, you can see what a high scoring response would look like, understand what your response is lacking, and improve for next time. We highly recommend that you only look at our sample answers after you’ve completed the respective past paper because that is how you will learn to perform well in an exam setting.


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