English 11-12

English 11-12

The Ultimate Contemporary Asian Australian Poets Cheatsheet | English Standard Module A

The Ultimate ‘Merchant of Venice’ Cheatsheet | English Common Module

The 21 Most Common Student Grammar Mistakes

What’s The Difference Between A Band 5 And Band 6 English Response

2020 HSC English Standard Exam Paper 1 Sample Responses | Section 1

How to Stay on Top of Your English Advanced Study to Get a 99.95 ATAR

2020 HSC English Advanced Exam Paper 1 Sample Answers

How To Do Essay Scaffolding Drills and Boost Your Essay Marks

Film Techniques: Colour Palette | How to Analyse Film

Film Techniques: Montage | How to Analyse Film

How to Write a Comparative Essay on Mrs Dalloway and The Hours | Free Exemplar Essay

Understanding Mrs Dalloway and The Hours for Module A | Textual Conversations

How To Write English Exam Notes

Literary Techniques: In Medias Res

Film Techniques: Shot Angles

Film Techniques: Lighting

The Handmaid’s Tale Text Analysis | Year 11 English Advanced

Renaissance Cheatsheet | Understanding Context for English

Film Symbolism | How to Analyse Symbolism in Film or TV

Literary Techniques: Ambiguity

The Ultimate Rosemary Dobson Guide | Common Mod: Texts and Human Experiences

Filmic Techniques: How to Analyse Music in Film or TV

Literary Techniques: Simile

How to Respond to NESA Key Words to Ace Your HSC

Part 2: Emma Analysis and Themes | The Ultimate Emma Study Guide

The Ultimate TS Eliot Cheatsheet | Mod B: The Critical Study of Literature

Mod B: The Ultimate Emma Study Guide | Pt 1: Understanding Emma

Top 6 Student Struggles with Discursive Essays and their Solutions | Free Cheatsheet Download

How to Study English Online Using Matrix+

Part 2: How to Write a ‘Henry IV Part 1’ Critical Essay for Module B | Free Exemplar Response

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