2018 VCE High School Rankings

See which schools topped the VCE rankings in 2018!
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What’s in this 2018 High School Rankings guide?

In this 2018 High School rankings article, we provide you with an easy to understand analysis of the top 100 schools based on their performance. We have broken the data down into the following sections:



Breakdown of the 100 Victorian schools

The pie chart provided below shows the distribution of the top 100 schools by their type – government non-selective, government selective, and independent.


2018 VCE High School Rankings Top 100 schools by type


In the 2018 VCE High School rankings article, we will provide you with an easy to understand analysis of the top 100 schools based on their performance.


Top 10 VCE Schools by Type

A list of the top 10 performing schools from each of the above categories are tabulated below.

Rankings of Government/Selective Schools in 2018

 NoOverall RankingGovernment/Selective Schools2018 Median VCE scorePercentage of study scores 40 or above
12Melbourne High School3734.2
24Mac.Robertson Girls High School3732.5
318Nossal High School3526.1
445Suzanne Cory High School3418.3


Top 10 Government/Non-Selective Schools in 2018

NoOverall RankingTop 10 Government/Non-Selective Schools2018 Median VCE scorePercentage of study scores 40 or above
136Apollo Bay P-12 College3621.4
242Balwyn High School3419.3
350McKinnon Secondary College3417.8
458Box Hill High School3416.1
559Victorian College of the Arts3316.1
665Glen Waverley Secondary College3315
766University High School3314.9
867John Monash Science School3414.7
970Princes Hill Secondary College3213.8
1076Tyrrell College2812.7

Top 10 Independent Schools in 2018

NoOverall RankingTop 10 Independent Schools2018 Median VCE scorePercentage of study scores 40 or above
11Bialik College3840.2
23Huntingtower School3733.9
35Presbyterian Ladies College3631.7
46St Kevin’s College3630.2
57Haileybury Girls College3630.1
68Ruyton Girls School3729.9
79Fintona Girls School3629.8
810Mount Scopus Memorial College3629.1
911Camberwell Girls Grammar School3627.6
1012Melbourne Grammar School3627.5


Top 100 Schools by VCE Success Rate in 2018


How to Read the VCE High School Rankings:


  • Median VCE score: if all the VCE scores from the school were ordered from lowest to highest, this would be the middle score
  • Percentage of study scores 40 or above: this is the number of VCE study scores that were 40 or above, out of all the VCE study scores from that school

The top 100 schools by their percentage of study scores 40 or above are shown in the table below:



School2018 Ranking2017 Ranking2016 RankingMedian VCE scorePercentage of study scores 40 or above (%)
Bialik College1313840.2
Melbourne High School2953734.2
Huntingtower School36133733.9
Mac.Robertson Girls High School4123732.5
Presbyterian Ladies College512393631.7
St Kevin’s College65173630.2
Haileybury Girls College710103630.1
Ruyton Girls School81683729.9
Fintona Girls School934243629.8
Mount Scopus Memorial College10233629.1
Camberwell Girls Grammar School1114553627.6
Melbourne Grammar School1242353627.5
Ballarat Clarendon College13493627.5
Korowa Anglican Girls School147153627.5
Loreto Mandeville Hall151563626.7
Sacre Coeur1618153626.5
Lauriston Girls School1725253526.2
Nossal High School1824343526.1
Methodist Ladies College1913383626
Melbourne Girls Grammar2011183525.1
Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School2119203524.6
Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School2231223524.3
Caulfield Grammar School, Wheelers Hill2341303524
Yesodei Hatorah College24403424
Haileybury College2527263523.5
Camberwell Grammar School2630263523.4
The King David School2721313523.1
Caulfield Grammar School, St Kilda East2828193422.8
Leibler Yavneh College2926123522.8
Firbank Grammar School3029293522.7
Shelford Girls Grammar312073522.3
Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School3222493422.2
Goulburn Valley Grammar School3351333422
Scotch College3417283521.6
Mentone Girls Grammar School3544233421.5
Apollo Bay P-12 College36823621.4
Trinity Grammar School3723113521.2
Mentone Grammar School3836503520.5
Genazzano F.C.J. College3935373520.5
St Leonard’s College4055653420.1
St Catherine’s School4147523519.6
Balwyn High School4243413419.3
Toorak College4350463419.2
Beth Rivkah Ladies College4439133518.4
Suzanne Cory High School4538623418.3
Brighton Grammar School4645403418.3
Melbourne Girls’ College4771473318.2
Kilvington Grammar School4833213518.2
Haileybury Rendall School493318.2
McKinnon Secondary College5063563417.8
Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School5148483417.7
Siena College5257573417.5
Yarra Valley Grammar School5346423417.2
St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar5437593417.2
Xavier College5567683417
Star of the Sea College5669643416.5
Westbourne Grammar School5756653416.5
Box Hill High School5866443416.1
Victorian College of the Arts5932353316.1
Yeshivah College60843315.6
Ivanhoe Grammar School, Ivanhoe6173743415.5
St Michael’s Grammar School6265573415.3
Eltham College6384923315.3
The Geelong College6449543315.2
Glen Waverley Secondary College6564633315
University High School66833314.9
John Monash Science School6752613414.7
Carey Baptist Grammar School6880713314.6
Northside Christian College693014.6
Princes Hill Secondary College703213.8
Sirius College, Meadow Fair Campus717411.43113.3
Mazenod College7296833212.7
Kardinia International College733112.7
Our Lady of Sion College74783312.7
St Pauls Anglican Grammar School75983312.7
Tyrrell College762812.7
Luther College77843212.5
Mallacoota P-12 College783012.5
Ballarat Grammar79933212.4
Braemar College8077793312.4
Woodleigh School8170453112.4
St Columba’s College8290983212.2
Alphington Grammar School83853212.1
Frankston High School843211.8
Girton Grammar School8553433211.6
Ivanhoe Grammar School, Doreen86543311.6
Our Lady of Mercy College8794973211.5
Mount St Joseph Girls College883111.5
Our Lady of Sacred Heart College893311.5
Casterton Secondary College90613211.5
Sirius College, Broadmeadows Campus913111.4
Canterbury Girls Secondary College9286603211.2
Mentone Girls Secondary College933111.1
Donvale Christian College94793311.1
Nunawading Christian College95693211.1
Sacred Heart Girls College9659703210.9
Berwick Grammar School973310.9
Waverley Christian College9876813310.8
Koonung Secondary College993210.8
Narre Warren South P-12 College1003210.7

Please note, these tables and charts are made using publicly available data.



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