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In this article, we will break down the application process to attend Sydney Girls High School during Years 8-11.

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Did you miss the Selective Test but want to attend Sydney Girls High School? Don’t worry. In this article, we outline the application process for students who wish to transfer to Sydney Girls during Year 8-11.


Who can apply for Sydney Girls in Years 8-11?

All Australian citizens and permanent residents can apply for Sydney Girls during Years 8-11. Be warned, though, since there are very limited positions, only the highest quality applicants are considered.

These are the typical amount of places offered for each grade:

YearNumber of Potential SpacesNotes
80A vacancy is only opened when a current student leaves the school. So, offers are usually limited.
90A vacancy is only opened when a current student leaves the school. So, offers are usually limited.
100A vacancy is only opened when a current student leaves the school. So, offers are usually limited.
1115-20 Depending on applicant quality and availability, up to 15-20 students may be accepted.

Need help preparing a stronger application?

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How to transfer to Sydney Girls High School in Years 8-11

Sydney Girls admits new students from Years 8-11 through a direct application, as opposed to a test.

You will need to submit an application in the preceding year of your desired attendance year.

For example, if you want to enter Sydney Girls High in Year 8, you will need to submit an application in Year 7. If you want to attend Sydney Girls in Year 11, you will need to apply in Year 10.

Note: No new students are accepted in Year 12.


Key dates:

  • 21 June 2021 for 2022 applicants: Application forms are available from late June
  • Late July: Last day to apply
  • August-September: The selection committee consider applications
  • October – November: Offers are sent to successful applications

Sydney Girls also specified that application forms are available on the NSW Government website.


Application steps:

Sydney Girls High School requires you to submit:

  1. Department of Education Year 8 – 12 Entry to Selective High Schools Application Form
  2. Supporting documentation


DoE Application

Students must submit a separate application to each selective school that they wish to apply to. Each applicant is only allowed to apply to a maximum of 3 schools each year from Year 8-11.

Once the applications are opened (around late June-July), you will be able to access the form here.

They must be submitted directly to the school. However, Sydney Girls does not specify whether you should send it by email or letter.

In conjunction with this DoE application, Sydney Girls High requires you to supply the supporting documentation too.


Supporting documentation

Applicants must include these supporting documents:

  • Copies of school reports for the last TWO years (This is a total of 4 reports: Mid-yearly, and Yearly reports)
  • Results from state/national competitions (eg. ICAS, Australian Maths tests etc.)
  • NAPLAN Results
  • Evidence of co-curricular activity involvement

The Sydney Girl’s selection process committee (consisting of the Principal, Year advisor, and Enrolment Officer) will examine each applicants supporting documents.



In some circumstances, Sydney Girls may require applicants to attend an interview to determine if they are a good fit for the school.




Outcomes and offers

After the selection process, applicants may be notified that they are:

  • Offered a place
  • Put on a reserve list
  • Unsuccessful due to lack of qualifications
  • Unsuccessful due to lack of vacancies in the year.


Offered a place

Once you receive an offer, you must complete your acceptance form and return it to the school as soon as possible.

There will be a due date specified on the acceptance form. If you fail to return your acceptance form by the specified date, your offer will lapse.

Offers will also be rescinded if the student doesn’t enrol on day 1, or if they provided false and misleading information during the application process.


Put on a reserve list

If there are vacancies after the initial offers are made, Sydney Girls will send an offer to eligible applicants on their reserve list.

Note: Applications and reserve lists are only available for 1 year. If you are unsuccessful, you will need to reapply in the next year.


Appeals for review

If you think that the selection committee made an error, you can appeal the decision.

To do this, you will need to provide detailed reasons why you think the decision must be appealed.


You can learn more about the selective school admission process in our selective school guide.

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