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In this article, we explain the application process for students wishing to enter Baulkham Hills High School in Years 8-11.

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Looking to apply for Baulkham Hills High School in Years 8-11? In this guide, we outline the processes for different year groups and the limits on students.


Who can apply for Baulkham Hills in Years 8-11?

Anybody can apply, but the limited numbers of students accepted means only the highest quality applicants are considered. Baulkham Hills often receives around 200 applications for each grade, every year. However, typically, the following number of places are offered:

YearNumber of potential spacesNotes
80Students rarely leave Baulkham Hills in Year 8 so only a couple places are offered
925Depending on applicant quality and availability around 25 students may be accepted
1015Depending on applicant quality and availability around 15 students may be accepted
1110Depending on applicant quality and availability around 10 students may be accepted


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The application process for entering Baulkham Hills in Years 8-11

There is an opportunity for students to enter the school in years 8 to 11 with a direct application to the school.

They do not accept applications by email or fax.

You will need to deliver in person or mail your application to:

419a Windsor Road Baulkham Hills 2153

Please note that Baulkham Hills does not accept any enrolments into year 12.


Key dates

For students wishing to enter in 2022:

  • Application forms for entry into 2022 will be available to download on 21 June 2021
  • The closing date for 2021 applications is strictly 16 July at 3pm, but additional reports/certificates will be accepted until 30 July 2021.
  • A $60 lodgement fee for each application must be included with the application.

Note: Applications received by mail or in person will not be accepted after this date or time.


Application fee

Students wishing to apply must pay a $60 lodgement fee. This fee cannot be paid online or by cash.

You will need to:

  • Send a Personal or Bank Cheque, or Money Order (to Baulkham Hills High School)
  • OR pay by eftpos in person

Payments will be accepted during school hours between 8am – 3pm.


Application steps

The application process involves a:

  1. Written Application

There is no examination.


Written Application

In this written application, students are required to supply copies of:


1. DoE Year 8 to 12 Entry to Selective High Schools Application form

Candidates must submit a separate application to each selective school (up to 3) they wish to apply for.

When applications are open (around late June-July), the form will be available here.

This must be submitted directly to Baulkham Hills High School by mail or in-person, not email or fax.


2. Baulkham Hills High School Supplementary Application form

Baulkham Hills require you to fill out their supplementary application form. You will need to download it from their website and fill it out.

This form will be available on the 21st of June 2021, and close on the 16th of July for students wishing to attend in 2022.

Parents’ email addresses must be clearly written on the application form.


3. Supporting documents:

Baulkham Hills High School also require students to provide evidence of their merits.

You will need to supply copies of the student’s following documents:

  • Past TWO calendar years Half-Yearly Academic Reports
  • Past TWO calendar years Yearly Academic Reports
  • NAPLAN results
  • Competition certificates (eg. ICAS, Australian Maths Competition)
  • Evidence of excellence in extracurricular activities (i.e. Sports, community service, arts, competitions etc.)

You will also need to provide:

  • Proof of Australian citizenship (eg. Passport, citizenship certificate)
  • OR Australian permanent residency

Note: The school will not return your applications, so ensure that you are only sending copies of the documents.


Selection process

Applications are considered by an internal selection committee who will evaluate student’s merits.

It is made of of at least two people: the principal, and a parent or community representative.




Outcomes and offers

Baulkham Hills High School will contact you about your application, including successful and unsuccessful applications. You don’t need to call them for updates.

Students will either be:

  • Offered a place
  • Put on a reserved list
  • Told they were not successful qualifying for a place
  • Told there are no vacancies for that year.



Successful students will receive a Letter of Offer.

They should complete their responses as soon as possible, as they lapse if the offer is not received by the due date.

Offers will be rescinded if the student does not enrol on day 1. Offers will also be cancelled if false or misleading information is provided to gain admission.

Note: Unsuccessful students will receive an email about the outcome.


Appeals for review

It is possible to appeal the selection committee’s decision. Valid reasons for review includes:

  • The selection committee didn’t follow the established criteria

More information of what constitutes or doesn’t constitute a valid reason can be found, here.

So, if you believe that your child’s application should be reviewed, you must write the request by email, fax, or letter to the school.

This must be completed within 7 days of receiving an outcome.



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