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Curious about how students are selected for top performing schools in NSW? We discuss all the entrance requirements for Baulkham Hills High School.

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Want to know what the requirements are to get into Baulkham Hills? In this article, we discuss the entrance requirements for Baulkham Hills High School so you can make an informed decision about applying to one of Sydney’s best performing high schools.


How hard is it to get into Baulkham Hills?

Not surprisingly, Baulkham Hills has high standards for admission. Most students enter Baulkham Hills in Year 7 having sat and excelled in the Selective Schools Admission Test.

Selective Schools Test James Ruse Guide entrance requirements for James Ruse HighS chool
Sample questions for the NSW Selective School Admissions Test can be found on the Education NSW website


Baulkham Hills has had one of the highest minimum entrance scores out of all selective High Schools in NSW. The requirements for the past 5 years are in the table below:

YearMinimum Score out of 300

Data for the minimum admission cutoffs for selective schools can be found, here. In past years, only an average of 1 out of 3 applicants has been accepted into a selective school and even less have been offered a place at Baulkham Hills.

Baulkham Hills accepts a small number of students transferring in from other schools in Years 8-12. The entrance requirements remain high, although no examination is required. Entry is based solely on merit and applications need to be supported with documentation.


Entrance requirements for Baulkham Hills High School

There are differing requirements and process for entering Baulkham Hills at different stages. Let’s took a look at them.

Year 7

Around 180 students are admitted in Year 7 via the Selective High School Placement Test conducted in March every year. In order to be considered for entry in Year 7, students must apply in November of Year 5 and sit the Selective High School Placement Test the following year when they are in Year 6.

You’ll find more detailed information about this process in the next part of this Guide, applying to Baulkham Hills for Year 7 admission.


Years 8-11

Students can also enter the school in year 8 to 11 with a direct application to the school. Applications open in mid-June and close in mid-July for entry into the next year. During this period, the application form will be available to download here.

The school selection committee will evaluate all applications without the need for further examinations or interviews. Successful applicants will be notified over the phone by the end of September each year, while unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email.


For more information about the application process, read part 3 of this Guide, applying to Baulkham Hills in years 8-11.

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