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In this article, we explain the application process for students wishing to enter North Sydney Boys High School in Years 8-11.

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Looking to apply for North Sydney Boys High School in Years 8-11? In this guide, we outline the processes for different year groups and the limits on students.


Who can apply for North Sydney Boys in Years 8-11?

Anybody can apply, but the limited numbers of students accepted means only the highest quality applicants are considered.

Typically, the following number of places are offered:

YearNumber of potential spacesNotes
8A few students are accepted as necessary to fill the cohort to 150 students
9A few students are accepted as necessary to fill the cohort to 150 students
10 A few students are accepted as necessary to fill the cohort to 150 students
1120Depending on applicant quality and availability up to 20 students may be accepted

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The application process for entering North Sydney Boys in Years 8-11

There is an opportunity for students to enter the school in years 8 to 11 with a direct application to the school. Please note that North Sydney Boys does not accept any enrolments into year 12.

Key dates

  • Applications for entry in 2022 will open on 21 June 2021.
  • The closing date for 2022 applications is 16 July 2021.


Application steps

The application process involves a(n):

  1. Written Application (to be submitted with a Payment Form for the non-refundable application fee of $100)
  2. Interview


Written Application

There are two parts to the written application:

  1. Department of Education Year 8 to 12 Entry to Selective High Schools Application Form
  2. Additional Information including a summary of High School achievements


1. DoE Year 8 to 12 Entry to Selective High Schools Application form

Candidates must submit a separate application to each selective school (up to 3) they wish to apply for. When applications are open, the form will be available here. In this written application, students are required to supply copies of:

  • Most recent 3 school reports, i.e. half-yearly report for the current year, and the half-yearly and yearly reports for the previous year. If the half-yearly report for the current year is not available at the time of submission, applicants are required to provide it as soon as possible by email, post or directly to the school office.
  • Most recent NAPLAN report
  • Results for Valid Science 8 and/or Valid Science 10 if their school participated in these tests.
  • Selective Schools and/or OC test results
  • External academic achievements for the past 2 years. This could include certificates and competition results from ICAS, RACI and AMT
  • Evidence of participation in extracurricular activities


2. North Sydney Boys High School’s Summary of School Achievements

This form is unique to North Sydney Boys and can be found here when applications are open.

In the past, the form has required students to attach:

  • Copies of the applicant’s two most recent semester reports
  • Copies of Year 7 and/or Year 9 NAPLAN reports if applicable
  • Evidence of co-curricular involvement and achievements



Students and their parents may need to attend an interview with the Principal, Year Adviser and Director of North Sydney Public Schools.


Selection process

Applications are considered by a committee including the principal and two teacher assessors.

The Selection Committee will consider the following criteria to rank the candidates:

  • An educational history of the student
  • His performance in academic competitions
  • His sporting interests and accomplishments
  • His co-curricular interests and abilities
  • His reasons for wishing to attend North Sydney Boys High School
  • Availability of subjects and/or courses
  • Compassionate circumstances


Outcomes and offers

Students will either be:

  • Offered a place
  • Put on a reserved list
  • Told they were not successful qualifying for a place
  • Told there are no vacancies for that year



Students who receive an offer should complete their responses as soon as possible as they lapse if not received by the due date.

Offers will be rescinded if the student does not enrol on day 1.

Offers will be cancelled if false or misleading information is provided to gain admission.


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