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We go through the Selective School Test entrance requirements, and outline the application process.

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Do you want to enter Sydney Girls High School in Year 7? In this article, we outline the Selective School Application process to help you make informed decisions.


How To Enter Sydney Girls High School In Year 7

Students who wish to attend Sydney Girls High School, must first complete the Selective School Test.

They will need to apply by November of Year 5, and sit the Test in March of Year 6. Results will be released later in the year.

Only those who have successfully achieved the minimum cut-off score and selected Sydney Girls High School as one of their 4 Selective School options will be admitted to the school.


Entrance requirements for Sydney Girls

Here are the minimum scores for the past 5 years:

YearMinimum Score out of 300

While a school’s entry score is not directly linked to the HSC results, Sydney Girls has consistently maintained their top 15 NSW high school position over the years.


What is the Selective School Test?

The Selective School Test is a standardised state test that NSW students must sit if they wish to attend a Selective School from Year 7.

The Test is designed to be challenging. Even the most gifted student won’t find this exam easy.

This is because the Selective School Test attempts to test students’ skills that are needed to flourish in a Selective School.

Remember, less than one-third of all applicants are successful. Even fewer are admitted into Sydney Girls High School.

If you want to learn more, read our guide about the Selective Schools Guide.


What is being tested?

The Selective Test consists of 4 sections:

Mathematical Reasoning4035
Thinking Skills4040

We provide you with explanations of the different sections, sample questions, and tips to complete the Selective Test in our Selective Schools Guide.


Key information you need to know about applying

If your child wishes to sit the test in March 2021, you would need to have applied during October-November in 2020.

To register your child, here are the important steps you need to follow:

  1. Fill out the application form online.
  2. Choose up to 3 Selective Schools ranked according to your preference.
  3. Submit the form.
  4. Check your email for a confirmation.



  • 13 October: Online Application opens for entry into Selective Schools in 2022
  • 17 November: Application closes
  • 4 December: Principals provide school assessment scores for entry in 2022


  • 25 February: Letter sent to parents regarding test location and further information
  • Thursday 11 March: Test Date for entry to Year 7 in 2022
  • 18 March: Illness/misadventure requests due
  • 25 April: Last day to change Selective School choices for entry in 2022
  • 2 July: Release of results
  • 9 July: Appeals due
  • Mid-July: Due date to accept/reject offers


  • Mid-January: Welcome letter from school for applicants enrolling in Year 7 in 2022


The dates for 2023 applications will be released in the second half of 2021.

More information can be found here in our Selective School Guide.

Entering in Year Seven

Now, Matrix scholarship student, Vaneeza Kazmi takes us through her experiences of Year 7 as a Sydney Girls High School student:

Preparing for the Selective School Test

For English, I would often try to find different stimuli, such as pictures, single words or phrases – and attempt to come up with a cohesive text in the allotted 20 minutes.

A key aspect for me in preparing for the Selective Schools Test was attempting to find resources that properly helped me consolidate my knowledge in each of the subjects, whilst helping me target my specific weaknesses.

Of course, doing this without a plan would do nothing to procure results, so I used a 5 paragraph structure that my teacher at the time gave me to follow.

Essentially, each paragraph corresponds to a section of the ‘Story Arc’:

  • The Introduction or Exposition
  • The Conflict
  • The Rising Action and Climax
  • The Falling Action
  • The Resolution

Following this structure greatly helped me in best using my five-minute planning time to designate a plot point to each section, and ensuring that I didn’t overcomplicate my piece.

Year 7 High School Life

Entering high school in Year Seven is always a daunting task.

But for me, it was made easier by the collaborative and caring nature of Sydney Girls High School students and teachers.

Spread out through Term One and part of Term Two were our Peer Support sessions, where pairs of Year Ten students would take about ten of us under their wing, and show us around the school.

The icebreakers, games and bonding activities that came with each session cultivated a strong bond between us Year Sevens and the Year Tens we were paired with.

This bond was reinforced by the support of our teachers, staff and students, as was displayed in the Year Seven camp, where we got to work closely with the Prefects and our new Year Advisor.

It was also here that our first SRC members were chosen.

The foundation laid down by the Peer Support Leaders, teachers, prefects, and everyone involved, built us into proud, responsible Sydney Girls High School students.

And this is a testament to the close relationships experienced even by alumni of the school, whom we fondly refer to as ‘Old Girls’.


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