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This article will inform you about the entrance requirements to be a Sydney Girls student, whether you're completing a Selective Test in Year 6, or directly applying to the school in Year 10!

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Do you want to go to one of NSW’s top schools? In this article, we discuss the entrance requirements for Sydney Girls High School, whether you’re in Year 6 or Year 10!


How hard is it to get into Sydney Girls, and what are the entry requirements?

Sydney Girls High School accepts students based on academic merit.

There are 2 ways that you can be admitted into this school:

  1. Completing a Selective School Test in Year 6
  2. Directly applying to the school in Year 7-10.

Vacancies for Sydney Girls are highly competitive, as it is one of the top schools in NSW. So, only some of the top students of NSW are successful.


Entering Year 7

Sydney Girls has very high standards for admission. Most students enter in Year 7 after achieving a high academic result in the Selective Schools Admission Test.

Sydney Girls has one of the highest Selective High School cut-off marks in NSW. Here are the requirements for the past 5 years:

YearMinimum Score out of 300

If you want to examine other school’s minimum cut-off marks for Selective School admissions, you can visit the NSW government website, here.

Students must apply for this test in November of Year 5. They will then sit the Selective School Test in the March of Year 6, and receive their results by the end of the year.

You will find more information about the Selective School process in the next part of the Guide: Applying to Sydney Girls for year 7 Admission.

Selective Schools Test James Ruse Guide entrance requirements for James Ruse HighS chool
Sample questions for the NSW Selective School Admissions Test can be found on the Education NSW website


Entering Year 8-11

Some students are accepted into Sydney Girls High School from Years 8-11 through direct applications. There is no test or application fee.

From Year 8-10, Sydney Girls only accepts new students if a current student leaves the school. In Year 11, they will open up 15-20 vacancies for transfer students.

Students wishing to attend Sydney Girls High are required to submit documentation to demonstrate their high performance at their current and/or previous schools:

  • Copies of school reports for the last TWO years
  • Results from state/national competitions (eg. ICAS, Maths Competitions, English competitions etc.)
  • NAPLAN results
  • Evidence of involvement in co-curricular activities (eg. drama club, debating, sports etc.)

Sometimes, the school may request an interview after they review your external documents.

The Principal, Year Adviser, and Enrolment Officer will review all applications and select the best applicant. Offers will be sent out in September/October for admission into the next year.

So, the bar is set high!

Note: Applications are only valid for a year. So, if you weren’t successful the first time, you need to reapply again the next year!


For more information about the application process, read Part 3 of the Guide: Transferring to Sydney Girls in Years 8-11.


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