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UWS ATAR Cut-offs 2012

The 2012 cut-offs for Western Sydney University.

University of Western Sydney
720000B Natural Sc (Adv)90
720006B Natural Sc (Env & Hlth)65
720009B Natural Sc (Env Mgmt)65
720012B Science (Nutrition & Food)66
720018B Science (Zoology)70
720019B Natural Sc (Animal Sc)65
720500B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90.25
720501B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90.3
720505BA (Interp&Trans)(Dean’s Sch)90
720510B Arts70
720515B Arts70
720518B Arts70
720521B Arts (Interpret & Trans)72.35
720600B Arts/B Bus & Comm70
720605B Arts/B Bus & Comm70
721000B Bus and Com (Adv Bus Ldrshp)92
721005B Business and Commerce65.05
721006B Business and Commerce65.45
721007B Business and Commerce65
721010B Bus and Com (Acct)65
721011B Bus and Com (Acct)65.05
721012B Bus and Com (Acct)65.1
721015B Bus and Com (App Fin)65
721016B Bus and Com (App Fin)65
721020B Bus and Com (Hosp Mgmt)65.2
721025B Bus and Com (HRMIR)65
721026B Bus and Com (HRMIR)65.3
721030B Bus and Com (Int Bus)65.35
721035B Bus and Com (Mgmt)65
721036B Bus and Com (Mgmt)65.15
721037B Bus and Com (Mgmt)65.45
721040B Bus and Com (Marketing)65
721041B Bus and Com (Marketing)65.2
721042B Bus and Com (Marketing)66.25
721045B Bus and Com (Prop)65.75
721046B Bus and Com (Prop) Distance75
721050B Bus and Com (Sport Mgmt)65.25
721060B Economics68
721065B Financial Advising65
721500B Communication70
721510B Design (Visual Comm)65.05
722000B Contemporary ArtN/A
722010B MusicN/A
722500B Engineering (Advanced)92.1
722506B Engineering74.15
722512B Engineering Sc65.25
722515B Construction Mgmt68.25
722520B Design and Technology65.15
722525B Housing65
722530B Industrial Design65.05
723000B Science (Forensic Science)75.25
723500B Hlth Sc (Hlth Prom)65
723503B Hlth Sc (PDH & PE)69
723506B Hlth Sc (Spt & Exer Sc)75
723520B Hlth Sc/M Occ Therapy88.15
723530B Hlth Sc/M Physiotherapy98
723540B Hlth Sc/M Podiatric Med80.25
723550B Hlth Sc/M Trad Chinese Med75
724000B Computer Science75.4
724004B Computer Science (Advanced)91
724008B Computing (Info Sys)65.3
724012B Info & Comm Tech65.4
724016B Info & Comm Tech65.3
724020B Info & Comm Tech65.1
724100B Info & Comm Tech/BA71.05
724110B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com66.8
724115B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com66.25
724120B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com67.05
724130B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com66.65
724500B International Studies70
724505B International Studies70
724520B Interl Studies/B Bus & Comm70
725000B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
725001B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
725005B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)N/A
725010B Bus&Com(AdvBusLdrshp)/B Laws92
725015B Bus & Com/B Laws90
725016B Bus & Com/B Laws90.2
725020B Ec/B Laws90.25
725025B Arts/Comm/Soc Sc/B Laws90
725030B Arts/Comm/Soc Sc/B Laws90.1
725035B Sc/B Laws90
725040B Sc/B Laws90
725500B Med/B SurgeryN/A
725510B Med/B Surgery/B ArtsN/A
726000B Tourism Mgmt68
726500B Nursing (Advanced)90.8
726505B Nursing (Advanced)90.8
726510B Nursing (Advanced)90.8
726550B Nursing72.75
726555B Nursing65.15
726560B Nursing78.5
727000B Policing70.1
727010B Policing71.1
727500B Psychology81
728000B Medical Sc (Adv)90.1
728001B Medical Sc (Adv)92.75
728005B Medical Science70
728006B Medical Science68
728010B Medical Science (Nanotech)70
728050B Science (Advanced Science)91.1
728051B Science (Advanced Science)90
728052B Science (Advanced Science)91.4
728055B Science70
728056B Science69
728057B Science70
728065B Science (Biological Sc)69
728066B Science (Biological Sc)70
728067B Science (Biological Sc)70
728075B Science (Chemistry)70
728076B Science (Chemistry)70
728080B Science (Env Sc)70
728090B Science (Mathematical Sc)70
728091B Science (Mathematical Sc)70
728100B Sc/B Arts70
728110B Sc/B Bus & Commerce70
728111B Sc/B Bus and Com70
728115B Sc/B International Studies70
728500B Social Science68.25
728501B Social Science68.25
728505B Soc Sc/M Urban Mgmt&Planning81.6
728510B Social Work72.1
728515B Community Welfare70
728520B Comty & Soc Dvlt70
728525Dip Comty & Soc Dvlt50
729000B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70
729004B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70
729005B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70
729010B Arts/M Teach (Sec)70
729014B Arts/M Teach (Sec)70
729015B Arts/M Teach (Sec)70
729020B Ed (Birth – 5 Years)N/A
729025B Ed (Birth-5 Years)N/A
729035B Sc/M Teach(Sec)75
729040B Sc/M Teach(Sec)75
729045B Sc/M Teach(Sec)75
729050B Soc Sc/M Teach(B-5Y/B-12Y)68.25
729055B Soc Sc/M Teach (B-5Y/B-12Y)68.25
729500Dip in Business and Commerce50
729505Dip in Business and Commerce50
729510Diploma in Construction Mgmt50
729520Diploma in Engineering50
729530Diploma in Hlth Sc50
729540Diploma in Hlth Sc (PDHPE)50
729550Diploma in Info & Comm Tech50
729560Diploma in Science50
729570Diploma in Soc Sc50
729575Diploma in Soc Sc50

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