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How to Score a University Co-op Scholarship – Zoe Diamond

In this post, Zoe shares how she scored a Co-op scholarship for accounting.

I am a 3rd year UNSW Accounting Co-op recipient. I was successful in securing both UNSW and UTS Co-op scholarships but chose to accept UNSW because of the university’s reputation in the industry and the opportunity to complete a third internship.  I have completed an internship at the NSW Treasury Corporation, worked as a Project Manager for Baycorp Australia, and am currently completing my second internship at Coca-Cola Amatil.  I have been offered graduate positions from all three firms.

What Co-op Programs are Looking For:

  • Leaders
  • Confidence
  • Employment/volunteer experience (even if it is just at a fast food chain)
  • Extracurricular activity involvement
  • Awareness of the industry you are applying for
  • Academic excellence

Applying for Co-op Programs

  • Make sure you know the key dates so your application is not rushed
  • Research the streams you wish to apply for
    E.g., For Accounting, you should research the different types of accounting, the Big 4 accounting firms, how accounting impacts all aspects of business, and the sponsors of the programs.
  • If you are successful in obtaining an interview, knowing the sponsors and having done research on them is especially important as you will be interviewed by a sponsor who will want to know that you have a genuine passion for the industry.
  • Make sure you plan and proofread your answers
  • Be yourself! The Co-op Program is looking for genuine people who are committed. If you make out to be something that you are not, people will know.

Benefits of a Co-op Program

  • Invaluable industry experience
  • Financial support
  • Becoming a highly attractive graduate in the recruitment market
  • 100% graduate employment rate
  • Most scholars are offered employment from their sponsors
  • Many scholars are able to obtain part-time work from sponsors whilst undertaking university
  • Academic and professional support from the Co-op administration team

Deciding to Accept a Co-op Scholarship

  • The decision should not be made lightly
  • There are high expectations of your performance
  • Co-op minimum academic requirements can be difficult to maintain
  • Do not accept a Co-op scholarship for the money – you have to work very hard for that money, it does not come for free!
  • The UNSW Co-op Program has high dropout rates due to failure to meet academic standards, pressure and restrictions the program places on your course selection, holidays, etc.
  • You must be passionate about the stream you are offered. If you would rather do something else, you should pursue this. The Co-op scholars that make it to the end never have any other options in their mind.

Differences between UNSW and UTS

I found it difficult to choose between the UNSW and UTS Co-op Programs. I encourage students to apply for both programs. However, you should be well-informed, as in the event that you have to choose between programs, this has to be a quick decision.

UNSW Co-op ProgramUTS Co-op Program
Program Length4 years3 years
No. of 6-month internships32
Academic RequirementsMust maintain Credits in all subjects (Distinction for Finance Stream)Must pass
Scholarship Amount/year$16,750$15,500
Number of positions (Accounting) offered8-1030-40
Class structureAttend normal Bachelor of Commerce classesOnly attend class with Co-op scholars in your stream
Graduate RecruitmentOffers ‘speed recruitment’ sessionSponsors recruit directly from within program
ATAR Requirement96+93+



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