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How To Enter North Sydney Girls High School In Year 7 | Schools Guide

Learn more about how to get into North Sydney Girls High School in Year 7, including minimum cut-off Selective School scores, and key dates.

Want to know how to get into North Sydney Girls High School in Year 7? In this article, we discuss the entrance requirements for students wishing to enter NSGHS in Year 7.


Entrance requirements and application process for North Sydney Girls High School

Up to 150 students are accepted into North Sydney Girls High School in Year 7 every year. Students must achieve the minimum score in the Selective School Placement Test in order to be admitted.

Students who wish to take the Selective School test must apply in November of Year 5 and sit the test in March of Year 6.

Although the the school’s entry score is not directly linked to the HSC results, North Sydney Girls has consistently ranked in the Top 10 of NSW High School, reflecting their high Selective School minimum scores.

Year Minimum Score out of 300
2020 222
2019 226
2018 216
2017 216
2016 212


What is the Selective School Test?

The Selective School Test is a standardised test that is available for Year 6 NSW students if they wish to enter a selective school.

It is a highly rigorous test that even challenges the most gifted students. This ensures that students have the skills and knowledge to flourish at a Selective School.


What is being tested?

The Selective School Test tests your child on 4 different components:

  1. Reading
  2. Mathematical Reasoning
  3. Thinking skills
  4. Writing

Want to prepare early? Check out our Selective Schools Guide for explanations of the different sections, sample questions and tips on how to best prepare for the exam.


Key information you need to know about applying

To register your child, here are the important steps you need to follow:

  1. Fill out the application form online.
  2. Choose up to 3 Selective Schools ranked according to your preference.
  3. Submit the form.
  4. Check your email for a confirmation.

For students wishing to enter a Selective School in 2022, here are some key dates to keep in mind:



  • 13 October: Online Application opens for entry into Selective Schools in 2022
  • 16 November: Application closes
  • 4 December: Principals provide school assessment scores for entry in 2022


  • 25 February: Letter sent to parents regarding test location and further information
  • Thursday 11 March: Test Date for entry to Year 7 in 2022
  • 18 March: Illness/misadventure requests due
  • 25 April: Last day to change Selective School choices for entry in 2022
  • 2 July: Release of results
  • 9 July: Appeals due
  • Mid-July: Due date to accept/reject offers


  • Mid-January: Welcome letter from school for applicants enrolling in Year 7 in 2022


The dates for 2023 applications will be released in the second half of 2021.

More information can be found here in our Selective School Guide.

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