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UTS ATAR Cut-offs 2012

The ATAR cut-offs for UTS in 2012.



University of Technology, Sydney

600006B Sound & Music Design80.3
600008BA Comm (Info & Media)80.2
600013BA Comm (Journalism)91.4
600018BA Comm (Media Arts & Prod)91.8
600023BA Comm (Public Comm)91.5
600028BA Comm (Soc Inquiry)80.15
600033BA Comm (Writing & Cult Stds)85.1
600038B Education Primary77
600043BA Organisational Learning73.15
600048B Global Studies88
601010B AccountingN/A
601030B Business (City)93
601035B Business (City)92.55
601045B Business (Kuring-gai)82.55
601065B Mgmt in Events & Leisure80.05
601085B Mgmt in Tourism74.85
601095B Mgmt Tour & HspltyN/A
602010B Design Architecture94.05
602025B Construction Project Mgmt90.95
602033B Property Economics84.55
602035B Design in Animation87.15
602040B Design in Fashion & Textiles95.55
602050B Design in Industrial Design86.95
602060B Design Interior & Sp Design89
602065B Design in Phgraphy&St Media89.05
602070B Design in Visual Comm94.7
603005B EngCivil & Env Dip Eng Prac90.65
603015B Eng Civil Dip Eng Prac91.05
603018B EngCivil(Struc) Dip EngPrac90.75
603025B EngICT(CompSys) Dip EngPrac85
603035B Eng Elec Dip Eng Prac86.25
603055B Eng Mech Dip Eng Prac85.05
603060B Eng ICT Dip Eng Prac95.4
603065B EngICT(Telecoms) Dip EngPrac85
603085B EngICT(Software) Dip EngPrac85.05
603095B EngCivil(Constr) Dip EngPrac88.05
603105B Eng General Dip Eng Prac85.25
603115B Eng Mech&Mechtrns DipEngPrac88
603125B Eng Innov Dip Eng Prac86.7
603200B Sc Info Tech D Info Tech85
603210B Information TechnologyN/A
603220B Bus B Sc Info Tech88.05
603225B Sc Games Developmt91.95
604000B Laws99
604001B Laws97.8
606000B Nursing73.05
606001B Nursing85
606002B Nursing84.6
606003B NursingN/A
606004B NursingN/A
606005B NursingN/A
606010B Midwifery91.55
606011B Midwifery80
606020B Human Movt83.5
606030B Mgmt in Spt & Exer75.2
607001B Science (Flexible)75
607003B Sc (Math/Statistics)72
607005B Science (Applied Chemistry)72
607007B Science (Nanotechnology)72
607009B Science (Applied Physics)72
607011B Sc(EnvBio/EnvFor/Marine Bio)71
607015B Sc (Biotech/Med/Biomed)79
607020B Forensic Sc in Appl Chem79
607025B Forensic Bio in Biomed Sc85
607030B Science Env Forensics71
607035B Science in Marine Biology72
607040B Biomedical Sc84
607045B Biotechnology74
607050B Medical Sc88
607055B Health Sc Trad Chinese Med75
609001BA Comm (Journalism) B Laws97.5
609002BA Comm (Media & Arts) B Laws97.8
609003BA Comm (Social Inq) B Laws97.35
609004BA Comm(Info & Media) B Laws97.4
609005BA Comm(Public Comm) B Laws98.05
609006BA Comm(Writing & Cult) B Laws98.65
609010B Business B Laws97.2
609020B Science IT B Laws99
609032B Eng Dip Eng Prac BA IntStds95.5
609040B Mathematics & Finance80
609045B Mathematics & Computing72
609050B Engineering Science B Laws97.65
609060B Science B Laws97.2
609065B Medical Science B Laws98.65
609070B Laws B Arts Int Stds99.4
609080B Human Movt & BA Int Stds95.45
609085B Mgmt in Spt &Exer&BAInt Stds87.9
609090BMgmt Evts&Leisure&BA Int Stds88.5
609110B Mgmt in Tour & BA Int Stds82.85
609130B Business BA Int Stds94.3
609140B Business BA Int Stds (KG)86.2
609150B Nursing BA Int Stds91.7
609160B Education BA Int Stds78.55
609165BA Orgnl Learning & Int Stds78.35
609170B Sc B Business89.05
609175B Medical Sc B Business95.4
609176B Biotech B Business91.45
609195B Const Pro Mgmt BA Int Stds96.85
609200B Property Ec BA Int Stds95.45
609220B Maths & Finance BA Int Stds83.65
609225B Math & Comp B Arts Int Stds84.5
609230B Sc Info Tech BA Int Stds86
609250B Science BA Int Stds77.3
609255B Medical Science BA Int Stds89.3
609257B Biotechnology BA Int Stds82.2
609258B Dsgn Animation BA Int Stds89.35
609260B Design-Fash&Tex BA Int Stds96.75
609270B Design Industrial BAInt Stds98.05
609280B Design Interior BA Int Stds96.7
609285B Design Photo&SM BA Int Stds97.4
609290B Design Vis Comm BA Int Stds95.5
609296B Sound&MusicDesignBA Int Stds93.5
609300BA Comm(Journalism)& Int Stds98.6
609310BA Comm(MediaArtProd)&Int Stds98.05
609320BA Comm(Public Comm)& Int Stds97.65
609330BA Comm(Writ &Cult) & Int Stds94.1
609340BA Comm(Info&Media) & Int Stds88.05
609345BA Comm (Soc Inq) & Int Stds90.95
609350B Engineering B Business88.1
609360B Engineering B Science85.6
609370B Engineering B Medical Sc88.65
609380B Engineering B Biotechnology86.2

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