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UOW ATAR Cut-offs 2012

The 2012 cut-offs for the University of Wollongong.

 University of Wollongong
751200B Arts (Psyc)/B Laws90
751201B Arts/B Laws90
751202B Commerce/B Laws90
751203B Computer Science/B Laws90
751204B Creative Arts/B Laws90
751206B Mathematics/B Laws90
751207B Science/B Laws90
751208B Engineering/B Laws90
751210B Comm & Media Stds/B Laws90
751211B Journalism/B Laws90
751212B International Studies/B Laws90
751213B Info Tech/B Laws90
751214B Bus Info Systems/B Laws90
751215B Sc (Psyc)/B Laws90
751301B Arts/B Commerce75
751302B Engineering/B Arts80
751303B Engineering/B Arts80
751305B Arts (Psyc) / B Com75
751310B Arts/B International Studies75
751311B Interl Studies/B Commerce75
751350B Comm & Media Stds/B Arts75
751351B Comm & Media Stds/B Com75
751352B Comm&Media Stds/BCreativeArt75
751353B Comm & Media Stds/B Sc80
751354B Comm & Media Stds/B Int Stds75
751402B Computer Science/B Science80
751501B Creative Arts/B Arts75
751502B Creative Arts/B Commerce75
751503B Creative Arts/B Computer Sc80
751504B Creative Arts/B Science80
751505B Creative Arts/B Int Stud75
751601B Engineering/B Commerce80
751602B Engineering/B Commerce80
751609B Engineering/B Computer Sc80
751610B Engineering/B Mathematics80
751611B Engineering/B Mathematics80
751621B Engineering/B Science80
751624B Engineering/B Science80
751625B Engineering/B Science80
751660B Journalism/B Arts75
751661B Journalism/B Commerce75
751662B Journalism/B Creative Arts75
751663B Journalism/B Science80
751664B Jour/B Comm & Media Stds75
751665B Journalism/B Engineering80
751666B Journalism/B Int Stud75
751701B Maths/B Computer Science80
751751B Psychology/B Commerce92
751801B Science/B Arts80
751802B Science/B Commerce80
751803B Science (Physics)/B Arts80
751805B Science (Physics)/B Maths80
751814B Science (Psych)/B Commerce80
753101B Arts (Wollongong)75
753102B Arts (Shoalhaven)70
753105B Arts (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
753106B Arts (Batemans Bay)70
753107B Arts (Bega)70
753108B Arts (Moss Vale)70
753110B Communication & Media Stds75
753111B Comm & Media Stds(Dean’s)N/A
753121B International Studies75
753122B Arts (Psychology)75
753131B Int Stds (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
753602B Commerce (Wollongong)75
753603B Commerce (Shoalhaven)72
753604B Commerce (Batemans Bay)72
753605B Commerce (Bega)72
753606B Commerce (Moss Vale)72
753607B Commerce (Southern Syd)75
753610B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
753611B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
753612B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
753613B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
753614B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
753615B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
753630B Commerce (Hosp Mgmt)72
753631B Commerce(Hosp Mgmt)(S Syd)72
753640B Commerce (Evnt Mgmt)72
753641B Commerce (Evnt Mgmt) (S Syd)72
753642B Commerce (Evnt Mgmt) (Shoal)70
753650B Commerce (Tourism Mgmt)72
753660B Business (Wollongong)70
753661B Business (Shoalhaven)70
753662B Business (Batemans Bay)70
753663B Business (Bega)70
753664B Business (Moss Vale)70
753665B Business (Southern Syd)70
753670B Econ & Fin (Wollongong)80
753671B Econ & Fin (Shoalhaven)80
753672B Econ & Fin (Batemans Bay)80
753673B Econ & Fin (Bega)80
753674B Econ & Fin (Moss Vale)80
753675B Econ & Fin (Southern Syd)80
754101B Computer Science (Comp Sc)75
754104B Comp Sc (Mltmdia & Game Dev)75
754105B Comp Sc(Dgtal Sys Security)75
754107B Computer Sc (Soft Eng)75
754108B Computer Sc (Enterprise Sys)75
754110B Comp Sc (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
754300B Information Tech (eBusiness)75
754301B Inf Tech (Net Dsgn&Mgmt)75
754302B Info Tech (Social Policy)75
754303B Info Tech (Web Dsgn&Dvlt)75
754310B Info Tech (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
754500B Business Information Systems75
754510B Bus Info Sys(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
754601B Creative Arts(Creative Writ)75
754602B Creative Arts(Graphic Dsgn)75
754605B Creative Arts(Visual Arts)75
754607B Creative Arts(Vis Arts&Dsgn)75
754609B Creative Arts (Theatre)75
754610B Creative Arts(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
754650B Digital Media75
754700B Journalism75
754800B Perf (Acting & Perf-making)N/A
754810B Perf (Tech Theatre)75
755101B Physical & Health Ed77
755102B Mathematics Ed75
755103B Science Education75
755111B Education: The Early Years72
755112B Primary Education78
755201B Phy&Hlth Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
755202B Maths Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
755203B Sc Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
755211B Ed Early Yrs(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
755212B Primary Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
755601B Eng (Scholar Program)95
755611B Engineering (Civil)78
755612B Engineering (Environmental)78
755613B Engineering (Materials)78
755614B Engineering (Mechanical)78
755615B Engineering (Mining)78
755616B Engineering (Mechatronic)78
755617B Engineering (Flexible Entry)78
755621B Engineering (Computer)78
755622B Engineering (Electrical)78
755623B Eng (Telecommunications)78
755624B Engineering(Flexible 1st Yr)78
755630B Eng (Comp Elec Tel) (D Schol)N/A
756100B Laws (Direct Entry)90
756101B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
756503B Mathematics & Finance82
756511B Mathematics75
756512B Mathematics Advanced90
756520B Math & Finance(Dean’s Schol)N/A
756530B Medical Mathematics85
756632B Health Sc in Indigenous Hlth70
757101B Nursing70
757102B Nursing (Bega)70
757103B Nursing (Shoalhaven)70
757104B Nursing (Southern Sydney)70
757110B Nursing Advanced80
757600International B ScienceN/A
757601B Science Advanced95
757602B Science Adv – Physics95
757603B Med & Rad Phys Advance95
757611B Medical Biotechnology85
757612B Environmental Science85
757613B Medicinal Chemistry85
757616B Medical & Radiation Physics80
757617B Med Biotech Adv95
757618B Environmental Sci Advanced95
757619B Medicinal Chem Advanced95
757621B Science75
757622B Marine Science85
757623B Marine Science Advanced95
757625B Nanotechnology85
757626B Nanotechnology Adv95
757627B Conservation Biology85
757628B Cons Biology Adv95
757630B Medical and Health Sciences82
757631B Medical and Health Sci AdvN/A
757636B Science (Materials)75
757637B Science (Physics)75
757638B Science (Nuclear Sc & Tech)75
757642B Science (Exercise Science)78
757643B Exercise Science & Rehab94
757645B Science (Nutrition)78
757647B Nutrition and Dietetics93
757650B Public Health75
757651B Science (Psychology)75
757652B Psychology92
757655B Public Health Nutrition75

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