HSC English ESL Course Entry Requirements

Posted on May 17, 2012 by Matrix Education

The NSW Board of Studies has entry requirements for the HSC English ESL course.

Entry Requirements:

The English (ESL) course may be undertaken by a student who has been educated overseas or in an Australian educational institution that uses English to instruct for five years or less prior to the beginning of the Preliminary year of study.
It also includes:

  • students whose learning has been interrupted by periods outside education that uses English as the language of instruction, and
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Indigenous communities where standard English is not the working language.

Providing Evidence:

Cases where it is difficult to determine whether English was the language and medium of instruction, course entry will be determined through an assessment of the student’s oral and written language competence.
Students who have experienced a significantly interrupted education or limited or no formal education prior to the commencement of study using English as the language of instruction, approval may be sought for up to twelve months to be added to the course entry requirements period. The principal of the school is required to forward a submission providing evidence of a student’s individual circumstances.

These entry requirement can be viewed on the NSW Board of Studies website.


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