Part 10: 2023 UCAT M.E.D (Mock Exam Day)

The Mock Exam Day is a free, worldwide online UCAT Trial Exam. Get your mock UCAT score and rank yourself against your peers for free.


Worldwide UCAT Mock Exam Day

Join thousands who have already registered for the first and only online live UCAT Trial Exam

  • Test yourself and gain real UCAT exam experience for free
  • Practice exam skills and keyboard shortcuts using the real UCAT exam format
  • Experience the same time constraints as the real exam
  • Receive a preliminary UCAT score and rank against your cohort
  • Gain actionable insights to identify areas for improvement


Key Dates

To be released closer to the date!

January 2023: Registrations Open

February 2023: Must be logged on and sit the full 2 hour exam during this time

March 2023: Results Released via email



What is the 2023 UCAT MED?

The 2023 UCAT Mock Exam Day is for UCAT exam participants to test their skills before the official exam. The UCAT MED will allow students to sit a trial exam with all 5 subtests under the same time constraints as the real exam. It’s an invaluable opportunity to review your performance against your peers before the real UCAT exam.

How do I sit the exam?

Click here to register for the exam by creating a Learnable account. Log in on the day to sit the exam.

When do I sit the exam?

You can begin the exam at any time on the 26 February 2023. The exam will run for two hours.

When do I receive my results?

You will receive your results in March (exact date TBA).

Will I get a UCAT score?

Yes! We will provide you with an estimate of your UCAT score as well as a percentile rank that shows how you performed against everyone else who sat the exam.

How much does it cost?

It’s free!

Do I have to be a Matrix student?

No, this is open for anyone. Yay!

Can I still do the exam after the day?

The 2023 UCAT Trial Exam is a live exam that can only be taken during the test window. You will not be able to sit the exam after 12AM AEST on the day after.

What is Learnable?

Learnable is the platform that supports UCAT Masterclass. It contains UCAT Masterclass Online content such as quizzes and exams. It will also be used to host the 2023 UCAT MED.

What if I already have a Learnable account?

You’re all set! Log in on the day to sit the exam.

I have a question – who do I contact?

Email your query to



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