University Bonus Points

Posted on March 20, 2012 by Matrix Education

Many universities including UNSW, University of Sydney, Macquarie University and UTS offer up to five bonus points for entry into their courses.These bonus points mean your selection rank for a particular course is increased.
To put it simply, your Selection rank = ATAR + bonus points.So if you had an ATAR of 95 and 2 bonus points, you would gain entry into a course that has a cut-off of 97. That means you would be treated the same as someone who received an ATAR of 97!

There’s a catch though. You won’t receive bonus points for some courses such as Law, Medicine or Commerce but there are plenty of courses you could be eligible to score some bonus points including Business, Engineering, International Studies, Arts and many more.

Bonus points schemes for each university and course differ, so check out the information from participating universities.

It’s important to have access to this information as soon as possible so you can plan ahead to maximise your chance of university entrance.

Because we care, we’ve included links to relevant information from universities to save you time. So you can spend more time studying!


Visit the university websites to find out if you’re eligible:

ANU “Bonus Points”

Australian Catholic University “accessACU – Entry Bonus Scheme”

Macquarie University “Academic Advantage”


University of Newcastle “Bonus Points”

UTS “Bonus Points”

University of Sydney “Flexible Entry Scheme”

UWS “Subject Bonus Points”

University of Wollongong “Points to UOW”

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