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Kim Nguyen’s UMAT Hacks

Kim Nguyen was a Matrix Scholarship student, achieved 93 percentile for her UMAT and is now studying medicine and teaching Maths at Matrix! In this…

Jason’s UMAT Hacks: How I got 100th Percentile in UMAT

UMAT is a skills-based exam and demands lots of practices. As such I approached my UMAT exam preparation as it was another 2 unit subject….

Top 5 UMAT Exam Tips

The UMAT is a skills-based exam, designed to assess critical thinking, problem solving, understanding people and abstract non-verbal reasoning.

Download Your Free Matrix UMAT Paper with Solutions

Matrix UMAT Exam Paper with Solutions This complete 3 hour UMAT exam paper covers: ✓  Non-Verbal Reasoning ✓  Logical Reasoning ✓  Understanding People ✓  134…

UMAT Solutions Part 1

1. This is a relatively simple question. Since the values on dice A and B are equal, Bonita goes first. As B+D=2+6=8, Adam rolls and…

My UMAT Exam Experience – Elizabeth Hsu

Matrix Scholarship Student, Elizabeth Hsu scored in the 96th percentile for UMAT. She shares her experience of the 2015 UMAT exam and her top UMAT…

Postgraduate Medicine – An Alternate Pathway

Current Matrix Physics teacher, Nigel Tse undertook his undergraduate studies at the University of Sydney, and graduated from a Bachelor of Medical Science with Honours. He…

How To Ace The UMAT Exam – Varun Gopi

Matrix Scholarship recipient, Varun Gopi scored in the 94th percentile for the 2014 UMAT Exam. Read his helpful tips and advice.

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