Year 11

5 Reasons You Must Sit The UCAT MED

Kaitlyn’s Hacks: How I Timetabled My Way to HSC Success

Oscar’s Hacks: Staying Organised for the HSC in Year 10!

Eric’s Hacks: Ace Your HSC with Weekly Rhythms and a Reflection Book

Rosanna’s Hacks: How to State Rank ALL Your Accelerated Courses

Jonathan’s Hacks: How to Save Your HSC English Mark

Amanda’s Hacks: Using Checklists for Year 11 Success

Nia’s Hacks: How I Plan for Success From Day 1!

Justin’s Hacks: The 3 Steps I Used to Improve My Science Marks

How to Find the Right Work Experience and Prepare For it

Year 11 Physics: Electricity and Magnetism Practice Questions

2019 Year 11 Physics: Dynamics Practice Questions

Year 11 Physics Waves and Thermodynamics Practice Questions

2019 Year 11 Physics Kinematics Practice Questions

Jessy’s Organisation Hacks: How to Flip Disappointment into Success

Literary Techniques: Hyperbole

Literary Techniques: Contrast

Bhavya’s Hacks: Organisation Tips to Balance Life and Ace Your HSC

Alexander’s Organisation Hacks: How to Apply 100% Inside and Outside of School

Literary Techniques: Intertextuality

Ngan’s Hacks: Accelerating Maths to Accelerate Your ATAR

Band 6 Exemplar Discursive Essay

Year 11 Biology Practice Questions for Yearly Exam (Free Biology Paper Download)

Year 11 Chemistry Practice Questions for Yearly Exam (Free Chemistry Paper Download)

Year 11 Physics Practice Questions for Yearly Exam (Free Physics Paper Download)

Understanding Module B: Critical Reception, Context, and Significance

Coping with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression During the HSC

The New 2019 Module C: The Craft of Writing

The Essential Guide to Textual Integrity

Critical Study of Literature – The New Year 11 Module B

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