Year 11

Film Techniques: Montage | How to Analyse Film

How to Use a Study Diary to Ace High School | Step-by-Step

How to Write English Exam Notes

Film Techniques: Shot Angles

Renaissance Cheatsheet | Understanding Context for English

Literary Techniques: Ambiguity

Filmic Techniques: How to Analyse Music in Film or TV

Literary Techniques: Simile

Top 6 Student Struggles with Discursive Essays and their Solutions | Free Cheatsheet Download

Muskaan’s Hacks: How I Use Journals to Stay Ahead for the HSC

5 Reasons You Must Sit The UCAT MED

Kaitlyn’s Hacks: How I Timetabled My Way to HSC Success

Oscar’s Hacks: Staying Organised for the HSC in Year 10!

Eric’s Hacks: Ace Your HSC with Weekly Rhythms and a Reflection Book

Rosanna’s Hacks: How to State Rank ALL Your Accelerated Courses

Jonathan’s Hacks: How to Save Your HSC English Mark

Amanda’s Hacks: Using Checklists for Year 11 Success

Nia’s Hacks: How I Plan for Success From Day 1!

Justin’s Hacks: The 3 Steps I Used to Improve My Science Marks

How to Find the Right Work Experience and Prepare For it

Year 11 Physics: Electricity and Magnetism Practice Questions

2019 Year 11 Physics: Dynamics Practice Questions

Year 11 Physics Waves and Thermodynamics Practice Questions

2019 Year 11 Physics Kinematics Practice Questions

Jessy’s Organisation Hacks: How to Flip Disappointment into Success

Literary Techniques: Hyperbole

Literary Techniques: Contrast

Bhavya’s Hacks: Organisation Tips to Balance Life and Ace Your HSC

Alexander’s Organisation Hacks: How to Apply 100% Inside and Outside of School

Literary Techniques: Intertextuality

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