The Ultimate Guide To Staying Healthy To Ace Your HSC

Do you know how much of a positive impact a healthy lifestyle can have on your marks? In this guide, we look at what a regular routine of sleep, healthy nutrition and fitness can do for your study and marks!
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The biggest misnomer there is about studying for the HSC is that you need to study, study, study, and then… study some more. In this Guide, we’re going to dispel the myths and misperceptions around staying healthy for study success. In the ultimate guide to staying healthy to ace your HSC, we’re going to look at how diet, sleep, fitness, and mental health play key roles in your results. Additionally, we’ll tell you what you can do to ensure that you perform at your best and share some of the tips from our past high scoring alumni.


What’s the purpose of The Ultimate Guide To Staying Healthy To Ace Your HSC?

Successful students are often characterised as being chained to their desk, studying late into the evenings and neglecting their health. This couldn’t be further from the truth. At Matrix, we’ve helped thousands of students achieve their academic dreams and seen myriad students achieve ATARs in the high 90s and many students with State Ranks and perfect ATARs.

We’ve noticed that they all have something important in common, they live balanced lives with a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, and physical activity.

To help all students, we’ve compiled this series of articles so students can make healthier decisions that will aid in their study successes.  Each article includes important tips and data to help you improve the aspects of your life that could be healthier so as to support your study and academic dreams.

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What’s in The Ultimate Guide To Staying Healthy To Ace Your HSC?

In this guide, we are going to look at:

The Ultimate Guide To Staying Healthy To Ace Your HSC sleep well

Why sleeping will boost your HSC

In this article, we look at why sleep is the foundation of good study habits and results. We discuss what sleep does and what happens when we don’t get enough of it.

We examine some data around sleep and consider what some healthy sleep habits are.

We also share some of our graduate’s advice around sleep and its importance to their studies and the stellar results they achieved.

The Ultimate Guide To Staying Healthy To Ace Your HSC Balanced diet

Healthy eating for HSC success

Many students don’t realise how important a balanced diet is to their success. The truth is, though, that without a balanced diet students are going to be fuelled for success.

In this article, we look at what some common diet mistakes students make are *cough cough* energy drinks *cough cough*. We discuss why poor diet is a problem and will hamper student’s study and results before looking at what a good balanced diet might look like.

We also take a look at what our past high-performing students did to stay well-fuelled for academic success.

The Ultimate Guide To Staying Healthy To Ace Your HSC stay fit


Staying fit to ace the HSC

Successful students are fit for their study. They might not be gym junkies or in the athletics squad, but regular physical exercise is part of their recipe for success.

In this article, we look at why staying fit facilitates good results. Along the way, we discuss what this might look like and the challenges of trying to fit regular physical activity into their schedule.

Finally, we share some of the fitness habits of our high achieving alumni to see how they did it!


Coping with stress, anxiety and depression during the HSC

In our last article, we tackle some of the issues students face when undertaking the HSC and how they can go about coping or seeking help to ensure they achieve their best.



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