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Choosing an OC School That’s Right For Your Child

How do you know if you’re choosing an Opportunity Class that’s right for your child? Here are some things you and your child should consider before making a decision.

Is your child about to take the OC Test? Not sure where to begin with choosing an OC school that’s right for them? Here are 5 key considerations you may wish to take into account when deciding which 2 schools are the best for your child.


Choosing an OC School That’s Right For Your Child

Choosing an OC school that’s suitable for your child and your family isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a limited number of schools with OC classes around Sydney and it’s competitive to get a place.

Before you jump in and apply and start helping your child prep, you must weigh up the pros and cons. In this article, we’ll help you with that.


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Key considerations to take into account when choosing an OC school


Consideration 1: Location and choosing an OC school in your area

It is very important to consider the location of an OC class and the time required to travel every day.

For your child who’s been going to their local school all their life, they might not be used to travelling long distances. As a result, this leads to longer times spent travelling to and from school, which can be tiring for your child.

Furthermore, consider what else could have been done that was spent on the road. For example, the time spent going to school could have been spent on activities and extracurriculars your child enjoys, such as sports and music.

Although there should be focus on academics, extracurricular activities are also very important for your child’s development.

Make sure to talk about the move with your child in a positive way. Answer their questions and offer reassurance.

Consideration 2: Changes in relationships when transferring to an OC school 

Your child may have developed strong friendships prior to making it in OC, so it is important that they are on board with the decision to shift schools.

Friends are important to everyone, not just children.

Let your child make their own decisions, as sometimes, they are hesitant and reluctant to leave the friends they have made over the years. Understand that your child will be with the same class for Year 5 and Year 6 once they enter an OC class, which may impact their social interaction with other students.

There may be 1 or 2 OC classes depending on the school so make sure to do the research before accepting an offer. Also, be aware if your child’s current school offers OC classes.

However, if your child is happy and motivated to make new friends in a new environment, then there is a great opportunity ahead! Don’t forget to encourage your child to get photos of their current friends and contact details so that they can stay in touch.

Consideration 3: Benefits of OC class

There are many aspects to school life other than academics. These can include playing sports, learning an instrument and enjoying time with friends.

However, for those who have greater academic goals in the future, such as making Selective or Scholarship Classes, OC class is a great opportunity to work together with like-minded people.

As your child is surrounded by peers who share similar academic goals, your child is in an ideal scenario for maximising their learning potential. When your child spends more time with like-minded students, they will develop good study habits which will be highly beneficial as the Selective Test approaches. Friendly competition within the classroom can also motivate your child to higher levels of success.

Is regular class work too easy for your child? One of the main benefits of OC class is the increased difficulty of classwork. Content will be taught quicker in comparison to regular classes, and there are often extension options. This provides your child with greater opportunities to learn about content before most other students, allowing them to be more ready as Selective and Scholarship Test comes around.


Consideration 4: Trade-offs of OC class

All things come at a cost. As many benefits as OC class offers, there are also negative aspects.

Although, as a parent, you might emphasise that academics is essential for your child’s development and should be the priority. However, your support is the greatest factor for your child’s development and wellbeing.

The difficulty of work will be harder than usual so there often will be greater workloads which can take time out of other activities. If your child has a passion for playing sports, ensure attending an OC class won’t take that opportunity away from them.

Make sure you and your child are on the same page in terms of their goals. Understand what their goals are and support their decision. Their happiness and wellbeing should always be the main priority.


Consideration 5: OC entry scores

OC is challenging. There are only 1,700 places for approximately 11,000 applicants who take the exam. Be realistic with your child’s school selections. Make sure to consider every schools’ entry scores when selecting preferences.

School Minimum Entry Score 2021 Minimum Entry Score 2020 Minimum Entry Score 2019 Spots Available
Beecroft Public School 250 251 246 30
Matthew Pearce Public School 248 239 237 30
Ermington Public School 244 239 234 30
North Rocks Public School 244 243 238 30
Dural Public School 237 232 230 30
Ryde Public School 236 230 227 30
Artarmon Public School 235 232 232 60
Chatswood Public School 235 233 229 30
Ironbark Ridge Public School 235 229 225 30
Summer Hill Public School 235 238 233 30
Waitara Public School 233 237 231 30
Neutral Bay Public School 229 222 225 30
Hurstville Public School 227 221 217 60
Quakers Hill Public School 227 224 219 30
Ashfield Public School 226 226 222 30
Greystanes Public School 226 226 228 30
Earlwood Public School 220 212 213 30
Sutherland Public School 220 211 209 30
Woollahra Public School 220 219 217 60
Picnic Point Public School 219 217 223 15
Georges Hall Public School 218 222 225 15
Balgowlah Heights 217 211 215 30
Balmain Public School 217 214 212 30
Blacktown South Public School 216 218 216 30
Holsworthy Public School 216 220 216 15
Leumeah Public School 216 211 208 15
Wilkins Public School 216 211 215 30
Caringbah North Public School 212 208 209 30
St Johns Park Public School 211 201 215 15
Blaxcell Street Public School 210 205 201 30
Gosford Public School 209 197 205 30
Mona Vale Public School 209 207 216 30
Wollongong Public School 208 208 207 30
Alexandra Park Community School 207 202 205 30
Casula Public School 207 205 209 15
St Andrews Public School 206 194 199 15
Greenacre Public School 203 200 201 15
Newbridge Heights Public School 202 213 197 15
Kingswood Public School 201 190 188 30
Harrington Street Public School 200 204 204 15
Colyton Public School 197 185 189 30
Smithfield Public School 197 204 189 15
Tighes Hill Public School 197 185 187 15
Aurora College 195 90
New Lambton South Public School 195 203 211 15
Wentworth Falls Public School 194 165 180 15
Camden South Public School 190 186 189 15
Bradbury Public School 189 187 190 15
Maryland Public School 188 170 171 15
Blaxland East Public School 186 30
Wyong Public School 183 166 177 30
Richmond Public School 182 170 167 30
Jewells Public School 180 172 185 15
Alstonville Public School 176 161 162 15
Bathurst West Public School 173 160 160 15
Rutherford Public School 172 177 174 15
Tamworth Public School 171 176 183 15
Sturt Public School 169 164 181 15
Soldiers Point Public School 168 176 181 15
Dubbo West Public School 167 161 160 15
Armidale City Public School 165 171 185 15
Queanbeyan South Public School 165 168 160 15
Cudgegong Valley Public School 163 163 169 15
Goonellabah Public School 163 160 164 15
Biraban Public School 162 162 160 15
Coonabarabran 161 163 161 15
Illaroo Road Public School 161 161 164 30
Lithgow Public School 161 161 160 15
Tahmoor Public School 161 161 171 15
Cessnock West Public School 160 164 161 15
Goulburn West Public School 160 162 163 15
Moree Public School 160 162 162 15
Port Macquarie Public School 160 160 162 15
South Grafton Public School 160 161 160 15
Tamworth South Public School 160 161 161 15
Toormina Public School 160 162 163 15

The ultimate goal for your child is to perform well in the Selective Test to be able to attend a Selective School. Keep in mind that making an OC class doesn’t guarantee a spot for Selective so it is important to maintain good study habits throughout Year 5 and Year 6.

What’s next?

Now that you have selected the top 2 preferred schools for your child, find out how you can prepare for the OC Test! If you’re looking for more help with your child’s OC preparation, check out our Year 4 course.

Written by Kevin Luo

Kevin Luo is a graduate of Sydney Boys High School and is a digital content intern with Matrix Education. Kevin studies at the University of Technology Sydney undertaking a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Information Systems.


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