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I am lazy and don’t get much work done in the school holidays.

I need help with essay writing skills.

The questions in my text book never appear in my exams.

Gain the essential English and Maths skills for exam success.

Boost your productivity by targeting your knowledge and skill gaps in our 5-day holiday courses. It’s short, targeted and highly effective for exam preparation.

Goodbye, procrastination. Hello, productivity.

Learn how Astrid achieved her study goals with Matrix.

“The holiday course was actually fun and I understood the work that I had so much trouble with at school. My teacher was really friendly and explained things so clearly!”


Astrid De Bryune, SCEGGS Redlands

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How our Year 8 Holiday Courses work

5-day courses for English and Maths helps students consolidate existing knowledge and gain the critical skills required for a strong foundation.

Year 8 English Holiday Course

Students learn English literary techniques, practical essay writing essentials and master strategies to justify an argument.


Year 8 Maths Holiday Course

Year 8 is one of the foundational years for success in Maths. Get equipped with the skills to solve new, unfamiliar and challenging questions.


Enrol in our Year 8 holiday courses for only $315

What you’ll get:

  • Classes taught by engaging teachers

  • 5 theory lessons over 5 days

  • Comprehensive theory book

  • Customer service support

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