Year 7 Maths Holiday Course

Essential skills in just 2 days

Learn key maths concepts

Gain essential skills and get ahead of your peers in the Matrix Maths Holiday Course. The condensed approach to content delivery provides valuable exposure to key topics before they’re taught at school.


Get ahead in the holidays

Build a strong foundation

Consolidate existing knowledge and get equipped with the skills to solve new, unfamiliar and challenging questions in our 2-day holiday course.


No more guesswork


Be confident knowing you’ll be taught by the most experienced teachers and time-tested resources. Learn content ahead of the school term and get ahead!


Year 7 Maths Holiday Program

Learn essential skills in 2 days

Day 1
Linear Relationships

Day 2
Data Collection and Representation
Pythagoras Theorem

Day 1
Directed Numbers

Day 2


Day 1
Algebraic Techniques
Financial Mathematics

Day 2

Day 1
Algebraic Equations 1

Day 2
Algebraic Equations 2

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The Matrix Method for MathsTM

Year 7 Maths Holiday Course Outline

Gain essential maths skills that you'll need in your exams.

Day 1

Linear Relationships

Day 2

Data Collection and Representation & Pythagoras Theorem

Day 1

Directed Numbers & Fractions

  • Operations of directed numbers
  • Orders of Operations
  • Introducing fractions and operations

Day 2

Decimals & Percentages

  • Decimal Notations and Conversions
  • Percentage, Compositions and Percentage Changes

Day 1

Algebraic Techniques & Financial Mathematics

  • Understand the purpose of pronumerals and its role in Algebra.
  • Simplify algebraic expressions through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Applying the distributive law in various algebraic expressions.
  • Solving various financial questions involving GST and profit and losses.

Day 2

Ratio & Time

  • Learn and apply ratios to real life scenarios.
  • Learn various strategies in adding and subtracting time.
  • Solve questions involving global, international and local time zones.

Day 1

Algebraic Equations 1

  • The Balancing Method
  • Equations with Unknowns on both Sides
  • Problem Solving

Day 2

Algebraic Equations 2

  • Distributive Law
  • Equations Involving Grouping Symbols
  • Worded Problems

Lesson Breakdown

2 lessons over 2 days

5 mins


Overview of lesson

Objectives and outcomes of each lesson are explained.

105 mins

Theory Lesson

Gain in-depth knowledge and understanding

Teachers explain key maths concepts which are reinforced by practising exam-style questions.

15 mins



Ask questions you are unsure of to clarify your understanding.

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