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Year 3 is an important year for building your child’s confidence. Without strong fundamental knowledge and skills in literacy and numeracy, students will lose confidence and fall behind in later years.

Here's how we help you achieve success

Engaging Teachers

Engaging Teachers
Vast classroom teaching and content designing experience with a renowned ability to explain concepts clearly.

New Syllabus Ready Program

New Syllabus Ready Program
Intelligent courses designed to cover the NSW Education Standards Authority Syllabus.

Comprehensive Resources

Comprehensive Resources
Structured lessons and resources developed to guide your child’s learning every step of the way.

Consistent Performance Tracking

Consistent Performance Tracking
Keeping your child on-track with tri-weekly Diagnostic Reviews that provide detailed feedback on their understanding of content.

Teaching Practical Exam Skills

Teaching Practical Exam Skills
Built with NAPLAN and OC exams in mind. Our courses give your child integrated exam-style practice in every lesson.

Cost-effective learning

Cost-effective learning
Our separate English, Maths, and OC Prep courses allow you to build an affordable enrolment plan.

High quality and syllabus-specific resources

Y3 English Writing Theory 1 (1200 x 840)
Y3 English Comprehension Theory 1 (1200 x 840)
Y3 English Writing Theory 2 (1200 x 840)
Y3 English Comprehension Theory 2 (1200 x 840)
Y3 Critical Thinking Skills 2 Rotation
Y3 Critical Thinking Skills 1 - Rotation
Y3 Critical Thinking Skills - Spatial Reasoning question 1
Y3 Critical Thinking Skills 3 - Folding
Y3 Critical Thinking Skills 4 - Folding
Y3 Maths Whole Numbers - Four digit numbers
Y3 Maths Multiplication - carry over
Y3 Maths Division
Y3 Maths Addition - Carry over

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Year 3 plain 3D Book Stack

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Thinking about NAPLAN and OC?

What you need to know about these major Year 3 and 4 milestones

  NAPLAN Tests OC Placement Tests
What is it?

An annual national online assessment on:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Conventions of language
  4. Numeracy

A paper-based exam for a place (out of 1840) in academically selective classes offered in one of 77 NSW public schools.

The OC Test consists of three sections:

  1. Reading Test
  2. Mathematical Reasoning Test
  3. Thinking Skills Test
Who is it for?

For all students in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9

For Year 4 students who wish to attend a Year 5 Opportunity Class


To measure the literacy and numeracy skills of students in comparison to their peers in the same year group​

To cater for academically gifted Year 5 students with high potential​

When is it?

From 2023, NAPLAN is moving to March.​

2023 Key dates

  1. Applications open: April 2023
  2. Applications close: May 2023
  3. Test date: 27 July 2023
Which Matrix course should I enrol in?

For the NAPLAN exam, students should enrol in English and Mathematics courses.

For the OC Placement Test, students should enrol in English, Mathematics and the online OC courses (Critical Thinking Skills).

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“I used to find homework and school work difficult. It took me so much time to get it all done. After joining Matrix, I can keep up with school work a lot quicker. I do much better in my school exams because their workbooks set out exactly what I need to practice. Plus my Matrix teachers are really cool!”

Astride, SCEGGS Redlands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Matrix teach one term ahead of school?

At Matrix, we teach one term ahead to give our students an advantage over their friends at school. By starting the new academic year in October rather than in February, our students gain additional learning time to prepare for the NAPLAN test in March.

This means Year 2 students start Year 3 courses in early October.

Who is this course for?

Our Year 3 courses are designed for students who are looking to:

  • Build a strong foundation in Year 3 English and Mathematics for the NAPLAN exam.
  • Get a head start in preparing for the OC exam.

Does the course follow the syllabus?

Matrix courses are designed and written by an experienced academic content team and closely follow the NSW Stage 2 syllabus.

Our Year 3 English, Maths and Critical Thinking Skills courses often extend students’ knowledge and skills above the syllabus requirements.

What is the course structure?

In each term, students attend 1.5 hour lessons weekly for 9 consecutive weeks. During each 1.5 hour lesson, students are taught theory including techniques and learn to apply it through guided practice.

You can learn more about the course content and structure: Year 3 English, Year 3 Mathematics, Year 3 OC Preparation Course (Beginner to Intermediate Critical Thinking Skills).

How do you keep track of my child's progress?

We Keep your child on track with tri-weekly Diagnostic Reviews that provide detailed feedback on their understanding of content and areas of weakness.

The report is emailed to parents once every three weeks to keep them informed.

Can we enrol in one subject?

Choose only what your child needs. Our separate English, Maths, and OC Preparation course allow you to build a cost-effective enrolment plan. View pricing.

If you are preparing for the Opportunity Class Placement Test, we recommend you attend three courses.

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