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Year 11 Maths Extension 1 Holiday Program

Learn essential skills in 9 days




Functions and Relations

Non-Linear Functions

Absolute Values and Inequalities




Trigonometry and Inverse Trigonometry

Introductory Calculus



Graphical Relationships

Applications of Differentiation

Exponential and Logarithms

Motion in a Straight Line

Rates of Change


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Year 11 Maths Extension 1 Holiday Course Outline

Revise or Get ahead with our 9-Day Holiday Course.

Day 1

Functions and Relations

  • Introduction to Functions & Relations
  • Interval Notation
  • Domain and Range
  • Even & Odd Functions
  • Piecewise Functions

Day 2

Linear Functions

  • Midpoint of an Interval
  • Gradient of a Line
  • Equations of Straight Lines
  • Point-Gradient Form of a Straight Line
  • Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
  • Points of Intersections
  • Linear Inequalities

Day 3

Quadratic Functions

  • The Parabola
  • Application of Quadratic Functions
  • Equations Reducible to Quadratics
  • Quadratic Inequalities

Day 4

Polynomials 1

  • Revision of Polynomials
  • The Remainder Theorem
  • The Factor Theorem
  • Deductions from the Factor Theorem
  • Sketching Polynomials Using Roots

Day 5

Polynomials 2

  • The Discriminant
  • Relationships Between the Roots and Coefficients

Day 6

Graphs of Non-Linear Curves

  • Complex Quadratic Curves
  • Cubic Curves
  • Circles & Semi-circles
  • Rectangular Hyperbola Curves
  • Exponential Curves
  • Graphical Solutions of Inequalities
  • Graphs of Regions in the Number Plane

Day 7

Absolute Values

  • Meaning of Absolute Values
  • Graphs of Absolute Values
  • Piecewise Definition of Absolute Values
  • Equations Involving Absolute Values
  • Inequalities Involving Absolute Values

Day 8

Inverse Functions

  • Definition of Inverse Functions
  • Deriving Inverse Functions
  • Properties of Inverse Functions
  • Graphs of Inverse Functions

Day 9

Review and in-class Topic Test

  • Review and Topic Test

Day 1

Trigonometry 1

  • Review of Trigonometric Ratios
  • Simple Trigonometric Equations
  • Fundamental Trigonometric Identities
  • Quadratic Trigonometric Equations

Day 2

Trigonometry 2

  • Sums and Differences of Angles
  • Double Angle Formulae
  • Product to Sums and Differences
  • T-Formula

Day 3

Trigonometry 3

  • Directions and Bearings
  • Angle of Elevation and Depression
  • Three Dimensional Trigonometry
  • Sine Rule, Cosine Rule, Area of a Triangle

Day 4

Trigonometry 4

  • Circular Measure of Angles
  • Arc Length, Area of Sector
  • Graphs of Trigonometric Functions

Day 5

Introductory Calculus

  • Introduction to Differentiation
  • Theorems on Derivatives
  • Applications of Differentiation

Day 6

Limits and the Derivative

  • Introduction to Limits and Continuity
  • Evaluating Limits of Quotients, Limits to Infinity
  • Differentiation by First Principles

Day 7

Further Differentiation

  • The Chain Rule, Product Rule, Quotient Rule
  • Derivative as a Rate of Change

Day 8

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

  • Review of Functions and Inverse Functions
  • Graphs of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  • Properties of Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Day 9

Review and in-class Topic Test

  • Review and Topic Test

Day 1

Calculus and Curve Sketching 1

  • Increasing and Decreasing Function
  • Stationary Points
  • The Second Derivatives
  • Points of Inflection
  • Stationary Points and the Second Derivatives

Day 2

Calculus and Curve Sketching 2 & Exponential & Logarithms 1

  • Sketching the Gradient Function
  • Practical Applications of Maxima & Minima
  • Review of Exponential and Logarithms
  • Graphs of Logarithmic Function

Day 3

Exponentials & Logarithms 2

  • Introduction to Euler’s Number
  • Derivative of the Exponential Functions
  • Real World Applications of Logarithmic Scales

Day 4

Exponentials & Logarithms 3

  • Derivative of Logarithmic Function
  • Applications of Differentiation
  • Curve Sketching using Derivatives

Day 5

Further Applications of Calculus 1

  • Motion in a Straight Line
  • Displacement vs Distance
  • Speed vs Velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Related Rates of Change

Day 6

Further Applications of Calculus 2

  • Exponential Growth and Decay
  • Newton’s Law of Cooling

Day 7

Graphical Transformation 1

  • Curve Sketching Techniques
  • Basic Transformation
  • Reflections of Graph about axes
  • Graphs Involving Absolute Values

Day 8

Graphical Transformation 2

  • Graphs Involving Square Roots
  • Graphs of Reciprocal Functions
  • Addition and Subtraction of Ordinates
  • Multiplications of Functions

Day 9

Review and in-class Topic Test

  • Review and Topic Test

3 Hour Lesson Breakdown

9 daily lessons in the school holidays

5 mins


Overview of lesson

Objectives and outcomes of each lesson are explained.

80 mins

Theory Lesson Part 1

Gain in-depth knowledge and understanding

Be guided by your Subject Matter Expert with practice and exam-style questions to reinforce your understanding of key concepts.

10 mins


80 mins

Theory Lesson Part 2

Gain in-depth knowledge and understanding

Be guided by your Subject Matter Expert with practice and exam-style questions to reinforce your understanding of key concepts.

15 mins



Ask questions you are unsure of to clarify your understanding.

Year 11 Maths Extension 1 Course Pricing


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What you'll get

  • Classes taught by inspirational teachers

  • 9 engaging theory lessons over 9 days

  • 300+ pages of theory content designed for an in-depth understanding of key maths concepts and techniques

  • 200+ pages of practice and exam-style questions

  • One-to-one Workshops to address individual learning needs

  • Additional online resources including practice papers and solutions

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