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I feel like I’m the only one in my class that doesn’t understand the work.

I’m worried that I am falling behind my friends at school.

I’m studying hard but I’m not seeing the results.

Study smart, not just hard.

Build your confidence by gaining an in-depth understanding of your subjects with step-by-step guidance. Establish effective study habits with our structured courses.

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Goodbye frustration. Hello confidence.

See how Rachel saved time studying and improved her marks.


“I was really struggling to keep up with my friends and understand what I was learning at school. I really like Matrix – my teachers here make me feel better because they help me understand the concepts. Now my results are great! I actually understand and enjoy my subjects!”

Rachel, Meriden School

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Benefits of studying at Matrix



Vast classroom teaching experience, HSC and/or university teaching experience with an ability to explain concepts clearly.


Teaching program that covers the NSW Board of Studies Syllabus. Structured learning system that allows students to develop sound study habits every week.


A full set of resources written by academics and education researchers. Online access to supplementary exam papers/ texts with top responses.


Short quizzes and topic tests held under strict exam conditions to ensure students have a solid understanding of the subject.


Weekly tracking of Grades, Quiz and Topic Test results so student and parents can monitor their progress.

One-to-one workshops

Free workshops to target individual learning needs.

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