Success Secrets

Success Secrets

Sherryn’s Hacks: How To Use Self-Reflection and Planning To Study Effectively

Kelly’s Hacks: Master Planning and Time Management in 9 Steps to Boost Your ATAR to 99.65!

Cecilia’s Hacks: Ace HSC Chemistry by Targeting Your Weak Spots

Kaitlyn’s Hacks: How I Timetabled My Way to HSC Success

Oscar’s Hacks: Staying Organised for the HSC in Year 10!

Eric’s Hacks: Ace Your HSC with Weekly Rhythms and a Reflection Book

Matthew Drielsma’s Hacks: How I Aced HSC Physics

Rosanna’s Hacks: How to State Rank ALL Your Accelerated Courses

Ayushma’s Hacks: How I Overcame Anxiety and Self-Doubt to Ace the HSC 👊

Minseo’s Hacks: How I Ranked 1st for HSC Trials in All My Courses 🥇!

Amanda’s Hacks: Using Checklists for Year 11 Success

Nia’s Hacks: How I Plan for Success From Day 1!

Justin’s Hacks: The 3 Steps I Used to Improve My Science Marks

Subject Selection and Work Experience | Open Day Panel

James’ Hacks: My Guide to Balancing Sport and Academic Excellence

Jessy’s Organisation Hacks: How to Flip Disappointment into Success

Bhavya’s Hacks: Organisation Tips to Balance Life and Ace Your HSC

Nathan’s Hacks: How to Defeat Distraction to Focus 100% on Your HSC

Avishek’s Hacks: How to Beat Your Lack of HSC Motivation

Alexander’s Organisation Hacks: How to Apply 100% Inside and Outside of School

Ngan’s Hacks: Accelerating Maths to Accelerate Your ATAR

James’ Hacks: How I Used Flowcharts to score a 99.75 ATAR

Anjali’s Hacks: How I Managed Time to Score a 99.40 ATAR

Martina’s Hacks: How I Went From Ranked 48th to 1st in Chemistry

Stephanie’s Hacks: Staying Ahead in English to Score a 95.50 ATAR

Aleksandra’s Memory Hacks to Score a 98.80 ATAR

Anastasia’s Time Management Tips to Win Gold in Sport and 97.05 ATAR 🥇

Iris’ Top 8 Study Hacks for Scoring a 99.50 ATAR

Tracy’s Hacks: From 60% to 90% in English Adv to Score a 97.85 ATAR

Sophie’s Hacks: How I Scored a 99.70 ATAR at a Non-Selective Co-Ed Public High School

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