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Chloe’s Hacks: Ranked 1st At School In Just 6 Months

Int this post, Matrix student Chloe shares how she turned her marks around!

There’s never an excuse for not trying to turn around your marks. Chloe went from an average performance to being ranked 1st in school in 6 months and ultimately scored an ATAR of 99.95 in 2018. In this post, she shares her study hacks!

About Chloe

Current Year 9 Matrix Scholarship student, Chloe Beydoun, attends Strathfield Girls High School and has significantly improved her school marks across all subjects in the past 6 months. Chloe aims to achieve a 98+ ATAR (and scored 99.95), so that she may pursue her dream career as a dermatologist. Chloe shares several tips that she found particularly helpful in reaching her full potential.

Chloe’s Improvement

I am currently ranked within the top 10 of my grade for all my subjects. This contrasts substantially to my performance 6 months ago. My English exam mark increased from 72% to 93% and I am currently ranking 1st in my grade. At the end of last year, my Science exam mark was 85% and I was ranked 15th. I scored 92% in my most recent Science exam, and I am currently ranking 1st.

Another improvement is my Mathematics marks. A year ago, my Mathematics exam mark was 91% and I was ranked 5th in the Gifted and Talented Class. This year, I am in the top 5.3 stage level Maths class. I received 90% in my most recent exam, and I am currently ranked 4th in my grade. Even though I only improved by one in rank, this is a significant achievement as the exams are much more difficult. In Year 8, the same Maths exams are issued to the entire cohort, so they are designed to allow all students to perform well in them. Being in the Gifted and Talented class meant I was learning more advanced concepts compared to my peers in other classes, so I found the Year 8 exams quite easy. In Year 9, different Maths exams are issued according to your Maths stage level (5.1, 5.2 and 5.3). This means the exams are more tailored to your academic capabilities, and so they are much harder and longer than the Year 8 exams.

I believe that I improved over the last 6 months because I changed my study approach and commenced tuition at Matrix. The Maths course at Matrix taught me how to approach questions and best present my solutions. As a result, I felt more confident and enthusiastic about Maths, and I saw an immediate improvement in my marks. I know it is difficult to change your habits, but improving your studies is very important.

Here are a few tips that may be helpful if you wish to improve your school marks:

1. Be Self-motivated

True success will always stem from the motivation you generate within yourself. It is important that you set goals, and that you genuinely aim to achieve them. Know what you want out of life and be prepared to work hard for it. The journey might not be straight or easy, but the reward will be sweet. Once you see improvements, you will be motivated to work harder. Hang in there.

2. Develop a Regular Study Routine

It may seem difficult at first, but the same way you find time to complete daily activities like eating and sleeping, you can make time for your homework by dedicating extra hours for study. Once you’ve developed a routine that suits you, you will find that studying is a fixed part of your day. Dedicate at least one hour of extra study, excluding homework, per day to increase your speed and accuracy in subjects or topics that you feel you need to improve.

Below is my weekday schedule, which slightly differs when I have a major assignment to complete or an upcoming examination. My weekends usually consist of a review of each subject for one hour, with the remaining time being spent with my family and friends.

Time/Hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4:00PM – 5:00PM Homework and subject study (Dinner)
Matrix – Maths lesson
Homework and subject study Homework and subject study Homework and subject study
5:00PM –6:00PM Dance lessons
6:00PM –7:00PM Dinner Matrix –English lesson Matrix – Science lesson Dinner Dinner
7:00 PM –8:00 PM Maths Study Science Study English Study
8:00PM –9:00 PM Exercise and Shower Shower, Homework and subject study Exercise and Shower Free time and Shower Exercise and Shower
9:00PM – 9:30PM Reading Reading Reading

3. Be Consistent With Your Studies

If you do not have a study pattern, it can be very difficult to suddenly complete exam -style questions.

Start by studying in small increments and gradually increase the length and intensity of your study sessions over time.


For example, you may spend an extra hour on each subject per fortnight and then increase this time slightly each fortnight until you can consistently balance your work with your hobbies. Before you know it, it will be easier to dedicate time to studying and you will begin to see improvements in your marks. Make sure you also leave at least one day in the week to relax.

4. Learn From Your Mistakes

Most students do not go over the mistakes they make in exams.  The best way to use mistakes to your advantage is to ensure you never repeat them. Note down the questions you have difficulty with in an exercise book and revise them daily until you understand what you did wrong and how you should approach a similar question in the future. Spend 15 minutes of your daily study time practising questions of the same style to increase your accuracy and to make sure you retain the new knowledge.


5. Clear Your Mind

Don’t overwork yourself. Set aside 30 minutes of exercise or meditation daily to clear your mind and to give yourself a break from studying. You will often find that this helps you better focus and keep a healthy mindset.  In my downtime, I love to take a relaxing 30-minute walk, or read a novel. I also love to catch up on my favourite television shows. My other hobbies include reading (especially classic novels), going to the theatre or movies, and hanging out with my friends and family. I am interested in dance, and am a part of the extracurricular Dance Ensemble at my school.

I hope that the tips I have given are as effective for you as they were for me. Remember to be self-motivated, create a consistent study schedule, learn from your mistakes, and try to relax along the way.


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