HSC Biology Exam Preparation Course

Enhance your understanding

Revise the core topics in just 6 days

Gain an extensive knowledge and understanding of the topics covered in the HSC Biology course. With increased clarity, you’ll feel more confident than ever.

Sharpen your skills

Learn essential exam techniques

Learn to easily answer questions involving key verbs such as ‘explain’, ‘compare’ and ‘assess’. Equipped with summaries, tables, and a variety of exam-style questions, you’ll be able to write succinctly, logically and sequentially in your HSC.

Stop memorising everything

Learn to write Band 6 responses

Learn to plan your responses to long response questions. With the marking criteria analysed by our teachers, you’ll understand how to impress HSC markers.

HSC Biology Exam Preparation Course Details

Last chance to perfect your knowledge and understanding before your HSC Biology exam.


Day 1


Day 2

Heredity / Genetic Change

Day 3

Genetic Change

Day 4

Infectious Disease

Day 5

Infectious Disease / Non-infectious Disease and Disorders

Day 6

Non-infectious Disease and Disorders

Our HSC Biology Exam Prep course includes:

Experienced HSC Teachers

Vast HSC teaching experience with insights into exam techniques and an ability to explain concepts clearly.

6-day Intensive Course

Intensive 3 hour lessons where you will cover the HSC syllabus thoroughly.

Comprehensive Theory Book

A complete set of resources tailored for HSC exam success.

Practice Questions

Sharpen your skills on a variety of past HSC and HSC exam-style questions.


Additional Tools

Additional tools for answering first hand and second hand investigation questions.

Dedicated Customer Service

A friendly customer service team on standby to provide timely support.

Biology Exam Prep Course Timetable

External Venue - Sydney City

Dates and venue for Year 12 Biology HSC Prep Course for 2020

to be confirmed!

Location: Sydney City - External Venue

Level 2, 95-99 York Street Sydney 2000

Enrol in our HSC Biology Exam Prep Course


per hour


3 hrs

per lesson


6 lessons

per course



Price includes GST

What you’ll get:

  • Classes taught by experienced HSC teachers

  • Thorough coverage of the HSC Biology core topics

  • A full set of resources tailored for HSC exam success

  • Additional tools for answering Biology skills questions

  • Dedicated customer service

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