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How top students learn with Matrix+ Online

We've gathered our top students to share how they take advantage of Matrix+ Online Courses to boost their school marks to the next level.

Matrix+ Online Courses are a powerfully adaptable tool for your learning. But how exactly are high achievers using it to their advantage? Our top students reveal all in this article!


Tip 1: Find a quiet area to study

You’ll study best when you are able to direct all your attention to your Matrix+ resources. So, sit down in a place where you can comfortably write in your book and/or use a device without being disturbed.

Make sure you have access to all the stationery you need so that you won’t need to interrupt your study to retrieve them.


Tip 2: Follow a process that works for you

Matrix+ Online courses are designed to be flexible and suit your dynamic schedule. However, it is still important that you follow a study process that enables you to maximise all the resources.

There are many different approaches that you can take, depending on the subject and your learning style. We’ll list a couple of methods, which top students in the past have adopted, for you to compare.


A. Watch the Matrix+ Theory Lesson Video first

This is the most conventional method among students because it imitates what students do in face-to-face classes.


  1. While watching Theory Lesson Videos, annotate the Theory Book by highlighting and mapping out explanations that the teacher presents
  2. Work through the homework questions for that lesson in the Work Book
  3. Ask any questions that arise on the Matrix+ Q&A discussion board (You should expect a response within one working day!)
  4. Make summary notes for that lesson
  5. Complete the lesson quiz the following day
Featured muskaan in front of yellow glass. do 2020 to maximise my study

Muskaan Gupta (99.60 ATAR, 2020) used this method!


B. Read the Matrix Theory Book first

Sometimes following the most conventional method won’t work for you.

Megan Khanal (North Sydney Girls, 2022) found that for content-heavy subjects like Biology, it was more effective for her to read through the Theory Book first to gauge what the lesson was about. Then, she went to go watch the Theory Lesson Video, she could better focus on listening to the teacher and understand the explanations that are being verbally delivered.

Here’s Megan explaining it herself:


  1. Go through the Theory Book first to read the content and questions
  2. Then, watch the Theory Lesson Videos and annotate the Theory Book
  3. Work through the homework questions for that lesson in the Work Book
  4. Ask any questions that arise on the Matrix+ Q&A (You should expect a response within one working day!)
  5. Make my own summary notes for that lesson
  6. Complete the lesson quiz the following day


C. Watch the Matrix+ Theory Lesson Video without taking notes

When students joke about treating their online classes as podcasts, they aren’t exactly joking. Not completely, at least.

Alan Wong graduated in 2020 with a perfect 99.95 ATAR and this is what he says:

“Sometimes I found it fun and even relaxing just to play the theory video while I did other tasks like cleaning up or organising, kind of like listening to a podcast or music.”

Alan's 15 Secrets for Studying Successfully During COVID-19 featured

Alan studied all of his HSC courses with Matrix+ in Term 2

This can be useful for:

  • Revision. Refreshing all the syllabus content in a quick and hands-free manner.
  • Becoming familiar with the content for the first time. You’ll obviously need to watch the Theory Lesson Video again, more closely. But, even just listening to it in the background beforehand can really help prime you for any difficult concepts.
  • Just starting a study session that you don’t feel super motivated for. It’s better than procrastinating, that’s for sure.

Afrina describes it perfectly:



Tip 3: Review the content

One of the key advantages of Matrix+ Online Courses is that you have ongoing access to the lessons and Q&A board throughout the whole school year! Make the most of it — refer back to concepts you struggle with or keep bugging the experienced teachers on the Q&A discussion board with your queries.

Jake scored a 99.95 ATAR by just doing all that. Here’s what he has to say about his learning approach with Matrix+.


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