Boost their English marks!

Are you concerned about your child’s English results? Are you concerned about how they’ll perform in their next English task or Year 5 NAPLAN? These worksheets will help your child gain confidence with spelling and defining a wide array of words. Boost your child’s vocabulary to help their marks soar!

Year 4 Vocabulary Worksheets

The Matrix Year 4 Vocabulary Worksheets will help your child:

  • Spell 100 challenging words
  • Gain confidence for spelling tests
  • Learn the distinctions between homonyms
  • Develop effective learning habits
  • Improve their ability to write clearly and coherently

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this Vocabulary Worksheet cost?

Nothing. It’s free for anybody to download whether or not you are a Matrix student.

Will this improve my English marks?

Yes. If your child uses these worksheets consistently and as directed, they will gain confidence with their vocabulary and writing.

Will this planner help my child learn any skills?

Most children struggle with English because they don’t get regular spelling or writing practice at home. These worksheets will enable you to work with your child to improve their skills and knowledge, boosting their confidence and marks.

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