5 Essential Tips For Starting High School

Are you worried about getting ready for High School? In this article, we share 5 essential tips to get you ready for this next stage!

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The transition from primary to high school can be a daunting experience. While the nature of the sudden loss of familiarity may cause some students to feel a little anxious about the new chapter ahead, there are a couple of ways to ensure the process is more exciting than nerve-wrecking.


1) Extracurriculars

It is unanimously understood that one of the key benefits of transitioning from primary to secondary school is the plethora of extracurricular activities that become available.

One of the best means of preparation for beginning high school is to first take a moment to reflect and list down all your hobbies. The next step is to browse the extracurricular options made available by your high school; typically, this information is made available on the school’s website. During the process of going through the extracurriculars available, be sure to list down which are on offer that matches what you intend to continue to pursue as well as taking note of some the clubs you come across that you would be interested in picking up.

One of the benefits of picking up a hobby at the start of High School is you have your entire secondary education to develop a new skillset.

It is important to familiarise yourself with the extracurriculars you would like to be a part of during high school in advance as often the process of joining these clubs occurs early in the year. Be sure to get across all the necessary sign-up information by expressing your interest early. It is strongly encouraged that you get involved in as many extracurriculars as early on as possible as this will be integral for you discovering new activities that you will enjoy. Joining clubs is the best way to embrace your new school’s culture. It’s also is a great way to forge new friendships with like-minded people across all age groups. These friendships will help when settling into the new school environment as you will have a great support network you can rely on for advice.

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2) Routine

Starting high school is a good time to start to think about what your routine over the next few junior years will look like. Of course, the workload will feel like a rather large jump from primary school, however, the early years of high school will still afford you time to explore the things you enjoy and how best you work in relation to your studies.

Setting up a rough plan or study routine before starting high school is a great habit to exercise early. The plan does not have to be anything rigorous and may even appear slightly redundant early on. However, the importance of practising habits such as noting down tasks you are given at school straight into your diary and completing your homework early on to free up the rest of the evening are very beneficial. Once you have knowledge of when each of your extracurriculars run and the level of involvement demanded of each, you can start to brainstorm how you might work around your schedule and set aside time for any daily homework tasks.

It is helpful to keep in mind how you will manage distractions such as your mobile phone and set aside time for relaxation.

Familiarising yourself with things like how long the commute to high school will take and how you will make use of the time are also some important considerations to keep in mind.


3) Keep in touch with friends

During the transition to high school, it is often the case that not all your close primary school friends will be making a transition to the same school as you. This can be one of the sources of anxiety, however, it is important to remember that in addition to making an effort to find new friends at your high school, it does not mean you should lose communication with the friends you met in primary school.

Social media has made it easier for you to keep in touch with your friends who may be commencing high school at a different location. In your weekly routine, it would be a great idea to note down a specific day or perhaps weekend where you can call your primary school friends to keep updated on how their week has been. You will realise that you are not alone in the rather scary transition, and it will be a great source of comfort during your week as you can each share stories and what your experience has been like.

4) Read more and read widely

It seems like a rather arbitrary encouragement, however, throughout high school, proficiency in reading and literacy will be integral to your ability to cope with the workload and excel in your courses. Learning to enjoy the process of reading and exposing yourself to new perspectives and ideas will be very important for both your personal and academic development as you transition to high school.

It is not of great importance what exactly you read, but more so that you are challenging yourself and improving your ability to comprehend written work.

The library facilities at high school tend to be more expansive, so think about how you might make great use of the resources now available to you.

5) Invest in some extra study resources

While study is not and should not be the primary focus during your transition, it is important to think about developing good habits which allow you to improve your comprehension and numerical skills. Since the homework allocated at school will often be on the lighter side, it is a good idea to invest in some exercise books such as the Excel ones whereby on days you have a lighter workload, you can keep up a relatively consistent routine.

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